Rayven practices her speech in front of Kim and Addison is giving her the nastiest looks. Recaps Mem-rieeesssss like the dank, snarky corners of my mind…. How did Rayven win the speech category? You lucked out because we had two episodes taken away from us. She starts cracking and bawling while she says all this. Eunice looks her up and down and tells the cameras she thinks this is out of line and bitches in that evil substitute teacher voice of hers about the nerve Kim has to do it. I have not seen an official announcement. I wonder if her self-esteem has always been this high.

Both are overwhelmed by the pig smell. Eunice and Rayven are the first ones there. I must see the recaps of the missing shows!!! She suggests leg warmers and a tutu to make her look pretty for the pageant. Peppermint is clearly the beauty of the bunch, and wins. I stayed up until midnight hoping the tramps at Lifetime would somehow air the show although it did not air at the slotted time. It sucks to pay so much as it is to watch my trash t. I do not see it On Demand yet.

The fact that every single episode with Deb in it has her using videobull Barbie comparison to herself or Hannah, KNOWING her kid almost died from starving herself, really says a lot about the type of person she is.

Sons of Anarchy season 6 Episode 7 – Sweet and Vaded – Full Episode – HD –

What an emotional episode! Recaps Mem-rieeesssss like the dank, snarky corners of my mind…. Kim is heading to the farm the next day as she promised, to experience seasob day in the life of a pig farmer and get to know Peppermint.


Can I back track my life ok,2 decades and have Kim be my big sister? Moving on to Episode 7 here, which rumor has it is wnarchy second to the last episode in Season 2.

The smell immediately hits them and they are both ready to hurl.

Kim of Queens, while not trashy, was still fun. When she walks off stage she is greeted by hugs from Kim and Allisyn. Hannah said she does have one thing she wanted to talk about that one knows about but her mom. How dare they cheat me out of one my favorite Southern desserts, chocolate pecan pie. She clearly loves the FFA and what it does for others.

Sons of Anarchy S06E07 – Sweet and Vaded

However, I do see her going far in life and with her platform she could become an amazing advocate toward individuals with eating disorders. Hang in there butterbean!!

Rayven practices her speech in front of Kim and Addison is giving her the nastiest looks. I pay around that much for Dish and internet. Now the rumor is they are canceling the show on Lifetime which is very likely. Hannah better freaking WIN!

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I feel cheated as well. Terri is clearly a pageant hater:. She thinks they are nuts and in this case, I agree. I get nothing but an error message. She can be one nasty heifer, that disqus. Eryn may be quiet, but you have to love her sense of humor. Hello Trash Talking Beauty Queens! You are joining us for the finale. Come back to the Emerald City Janet Bad move, because Rayven really is a terrible dancer.


Eryn did great for her first pageant. Check back in tomorrow and read the recap. Eunice wants her to tap dance AND sing at the very same time! Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything.

Lifetme is acting like it aired, if you go to the Lifetime page for Kim of Queens! It will probably take 3 minutes. We deserve our ending and Kim deserves a better network.

I so feel your pain! Peppermint looks sassy in her pink tutu and matching ribbon. Kim asks Eunice to leave because she needs to work with Rayven alone. There are a lot of beauty queens in the South and they are really into sports so a lot of girls go into cheerleading, and of course sororities rule in the South.

Lifetime has not made an official announcement on their fb page or dons the schedule change to my knowledge epsiode of this post.

This kid is courageous. She has GOT to quit talking about that damn Barbie business.

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