Love love love FK and MK looks hot!! Its like watching a movie with your hubby but one that is less fantasy and more reality. W seems to be staying in the mill forever and ever. Amtul not liking badey sahab and comparing him with white ant was acceptable as she lost her husband because of him…and his greed but then many years have past…Badey Sahab may be very authoritative but this twist of Badey Sahab going head on against Wali in every way possible including taking up arms is no no …no matter how power hungry a person may be he will not do certain things against is sole surviving family member…. As I see it, his marriage to Neelam has always been a sham. AK YBM i agree the motherly notion oozing out every now and then, is really strange..

Wali found out about Q 5 mths ago when N was in the hospital in her 2nd mth. I think the story is there, just buried really deep under a lot of nonsense…I agree with you and dont think BS will take up arms against per se, as you say it would go against his characterization.. This time he is scared of palatna for her sake! Just wanted to say, missed all you intelligent ladies very much! Yes, this is quite funny that Baray Sahab had no idea about Walis intentions. I have no recollection but I probably did lol!!! SZ I think i said it all over twitter last night! AK wht page are you talking abt?

Woh Ishq Episode 3

But the admins of these FB pages are paid to do a certain job, what else can they do? W is indeed holed up in his mill. Since Mj conitnues to remind Q, and us, about how the baat will not be chuppi huwi for long and how dangerous the consequences will be, I believe that someone will die.

Kabhi aap ko aur SZ ko inbox kar kay bata saki tu bataaon gi kay woh kiya kahani thi…. They had to show that timeline because property transfer takes long and it would have been ridiculous had they, in their old-fashioned numm way, made an error and showed it to have happened overnight. And N talking abt the mill as her sowtan and then talking abt missing Amtul. You ladies are too funny! I am so anal about my online privacy etc. Oh, this badbakht man! AK lol admitting in public. Although in previous episode MJ calls W as sazaa ka saathi but I feel they are shown more as zindagi ke sathi.


Ah gotcha …what an interesting insight! A very intense and contradictory character right? Maybe he will order to kill Q and then it is revealed to him about who Q is really.

Aik version mein hai and guess what next version mein ghaib!!. It is not an easy situation to be in. SZ yaar uss zamane mein drama khatam hone ke baad yak musht dekht thi naa.

Kankar Episode 16/25 HD – Hum TV Drama Series Complete

This time he kaankar scared of palatna for her sake! A happy ending na……. I tried reading online but I am still one of those who likes the feel of the book in my hand.

I think Ak is correct that it takes a while to get paperwork done. No doubt the story is progressing steadily now but each episode seems to be lacking in some way or the other…. From scenes that were brilliant to average to fpisode mediocre, within a span of about forty minutes we pretty much saw kanakr all.

W wants the transfer of property to be finalized, signed and sealed and then get MJ and Q to leave the country as soon as possible. PG, so rooting for the izhaare mohabbat sigh. What do you guys think? Okay I will try again.: How old is she — two??? How ever this episode has raised new questions and makes Mj questionable. The actors and directors can bring a dead character to life. But I felt that since beginning it was all abt MJ-W relationship! Like I mentioned earlier, she is right now in a parallel universe where there is only one fazool family.

N and W live happilyBS will be like A. Numm may have failed on many fronts, but the lyrics of the OST are sheer brilliance! I somehow am not able to reply from my ,ankar or kaniar so I have to come down at night when I really want to comment…. Notify me of new posts via email.


SZ This drama will be gud or rather excellent once its over as then we can edit all kabkar millions of useless scenes and only retain the gems. Gone is the confused, ambivalent Wali, the man we see today is confident and sure of himself. Notify me of new comments via email.

And the unresolved issue of W-Mj needs to be resolve before they seperate. Neither can they force us to like someone… Tragedy does seem to be round the corner. LOL avoiding scenes with N… mumkin hai!!!

She no longer wonders whether W is with MJ or the long forgotten Doctor baaji.

What am Kanakr soppose to do? SZ, Thanks for making the experience of watching Numm so interesting by your in depth reviews. Love love love FK and MK looks hot!! Though her sad end could just be Wali dying Like Like. And tonight somehow I went back and watched older episodes from beginning and it somehow seems to make more sense of the dialogues, the expressions, imagery, etc…I just cannot imagine how people would like Numm if they see it on TV with the ads, tech probs, n other things!

AK lol pushing hubby Chalo lagta missed ur chance at tuc pdomo lol Like Like. I remember getting scolded for hating Khirad thank you SK!!! Maths sahi hotay hotay angrezi khatam ho gayi!! Yes, this is quite funny that Baray Sahab had no idea about Walis intentions.

Not a bad ending, atleast W does not end up with N. What caught my wtach was not just BS back doing his haat saaf with his magic tricks, but also Geo.

How did team-Numm overlook these things? Ranjan sk original join the sautan gang!! Absolutely agree with what you say….