She invites her parents and Faraz and his parents to be VIP audience members at her last show. Uraan — Ep 17 — Part 1 , Uraan. Uraan — Ep 06 — Part 1 , Uraan. She plans to shoot the last episode of Uraan live, as she will no longer be able to continue with it after marriage. Sawera has married her friend Raza, while Sana is busy writing a book recounting the pain she, Sawera and Ayesha went through because of Faraz. HarPal Geo 3 0 January 8, Uraan — Ep 07 — Part 2 , Uraan. The opening title screen for Uraan.

Uraan — Ep 16 — Part 2 , Uraan. Sana arranges to have the studio doors locked so that Faraz and his family cannot leave until the show is over. HarPal Geo 12 0 January 8, Uraan — Ep 13 — Part 1 , Uraan. The two have numerous arguments resulting in Faraz physically abusing Sawera. HarPal Geo 22 0 December 18, HarPal Geo 8 0 January 1,

Uraan — Ep go — Part 1Deama. Ayesha Aleem, a medical student who quit school before earning her degree because of her marriage, was previously married to Dr. She suffered with Faraz for 3 years before he finally divorced her. Her show Uraan talks about sensitive issues in Pakistani society, which has made her rise to fame urraan a few short months.

HarPal Geo 14 0 February 12, HarPal Geo 17 0 February 19, This page was last edited on 4 Julyat The two have numerous arguments resulting in Faraz physically abusing Sawera. He says that Ayesha tried to kill both herself and him several times. Views Read Edit View history.


HarPal Geo 8 0 February 5, She also invites Ayesha and Sawera on the show. Uraan — Ep 08 — Part 2Uraan. After the two are married, Faraz emails their wedding and honeymoon pictures to Ayesha in order to further mentally torture her.

urzan She invites her parents and Faraz and his parents to be VIP audience members at her last show. While Faraz and his family drmaa mentally unstable around Ayesha, they seemed perfectly normal in public, leading Ayesha to believe that she herself was at fault. Uraan — Ep 10 — Part 1Uraan.

Uraan — Ep 11 — Part 2Uraan. Sarah Saeed Shamim Hilaly has already chosen a new girl, Sawera, an esteemed fashion designer, for her son. HarPal Geo 11 0 March 12, Sana does not tell Faraz that she knows the truth.

HarPal Geo 7 0 January 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Uraan on GeoTV official website.

Uraan Episode 1 on Geo TV

However, unlike Ayesha, Sawera does not allow him to beat her, and moves back to her mother’s Ismat Zaidi home and files for divorce. Faraz Saeed Humayun Saeeda highly esteemed, Harvard -grad psychologist frequently appears on geeo show to discuss the psychological problems which have led to these problems in Pakistani society.


It is later revealed that Ayesha is not insane, but simply depressed. Uraan — Ep 14 — Part 2Uraan. Uraan — Ep 12 — Part 1Uraan.

Uraan Geo Tv Episode 15 – Part 1/4 (HQ) – video dailymotion

She soon beings to receive bouquets of flowers as well, but cannot pinpoint where they are coming from. Ayesha and Sawera become friends, and Ayesha recovers from her depression after seeing how Sawera managed to come back to her previous life despite all of the mental torture she suffered with Faraz.

Uraan — Ep 16 — Part 2Uraan. HarPal Geo 9 0 December 18, HarPal Geo 21 0 December 25, It is a serial draama not only deals with the issues of marriagedivorce urxan domestic violence but also recognizes the strength, talent feo courage of the modern Pakistani woman.

Sawera meets with Ayesha and realizes that Faraz isn’t what he seems to be. HarPal Geo 29 0 February 19,