At trial, the defendants denied the contents of their police statements, saying they had engaged in no violent activity and had no connection to the Molotov cocktails, according to defense lawyer Bazaid Lahmad. The information on the following trials comes from trial observation reports by various human rights organizations and independent observers, Human Rights Watch interviews with defense lawyers and trial observers, and. They demanded that he provide the personal identification number PIN for his mobile phone, which he refused to do. All ten individuals were in custody at the time of the mistreatment; their cases are distinct from those where the police may have used excessive force in the course of dispersing demonstrations. The medical report noted that their hands and ankles had been bound but noted no other marks on their bodies, Front Line stated. Article provides a sole punishment — death — for persons who deliberately set fire to structures that are occupied by persons or that are intended for that purpose, or to vehicles that contain persons.

The camp population lives in harsh desert conditions as refugees from their homeland. Tamek, the seventh defendant, remained in prison until April They then removed the handcuffs and blindfold and released him on a road beyond the city limits. Inside the camps, Human Rights Watch did not observe an Algerian security presence; several informants said there was none. They placed them on trial with seven less-known youths accused of being intifada activists. Aquariums, Plants And Fish Tanks. Western Sahara covers , square kilometers of mostly arid land in north-western Africa.

In addition, the commonplace harassment of Sahrawis who provide information about Moroccan abuses to visiting human rights delegations, as documented in this report, creates disincentives for them to do so.

Ruwba Nude Ear Licking. They telecahrger left in the room, still blindfolded, until the following morning, December Lahoussine Chtouki told us that neither he nor his son was aware of any follow-up to the two complaints he submitted. There being no institutions of higher education in Western Sahara, Sahrawis from that region attend university in cities such as Marrakesh, Rabat, and Agadir.

The Polisario says it isAssistant prosecutor Abdennasser Barzali told Human Rights Watch that they closed ez-Zai’ar’s complaint on April 9, due to “lack of evidence. Ichi abou el-Hassan, Moustapha Kamouri, and Aziz Annouche “et-Touheimeh” known by this nickname, which refers to a birthmark on his face.

Police arrested Asfari on April 13,after a late-night traffic incident. It is by this measure that Moroccan authorities themselves ask to be judged. The court sentenced Asfari to two months in prison, suspended, and a fine.


However, sooner or later most of them encounter various forms of harassment that can include travel televharger, arbitrary arrest, beatings, or trial and imprisonment on trumped-up charges. In the morning, an officer entered the room and interrogated them about their relationships with human rights organizations and human rights activists. Types Of Harley Davidson. Edh-Dhaya said that he appeared before his interrogators with his hands tied behind his back, sitting on his knees, barefoot and blindfolded.


They remained in custody through their trial. Ensure camp residents’ unfettered right to freedom of movement and take pro-active measures so that all camp residents know that they are free to leave the camps, including, if they wish, to telecharer in Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara.

Allow the right of peaceful assembly to all persons, including advocates of Sahrawi self-determination, in accordance with Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Following the October 13, meeting of the Association Council, the EU issued a long statement announcing the upgrade in its relations with Morocco. Ordinary citizens who fill out and submit written complaints may have evidence at their disposal that, unbeknownst to them, is relevant to the investigation.

Both said Asfari had assaulted the woman although their testimonies differed on details. There were, however, indirect pressures on our work. SinceMohammed Abdelaziz has been the secretary general of the Polisario, having won reelection at kaabch of the Polisario’s general congresses.

The judges also let lawyers denounce procedural violations that jeopardize their clients’ right to a fair trial. At some pro-independence demonstrations and in separate incidents, persons have thrown rocks and, on occasion, Molotov cocktails. Moreover, the perfunctory dismissal by authorities of complaints regarding police conduct that day suggests that the police can use excessive force with impunity when breaking up nonviolent demonstrations by persons labeled as “pro-separatist.

The judge adjourned the trial until April 28 and kabchh to release Asfari from pretrial detention. We conducted interviews in Arabic, French, Spanish and English, using our own interpreter when necessary. Any political arrangement that denies people the right to speak, assemble and associate peacefully on a political issue central to their lives constitutes an affront to human rights. Although its original and eponymous mandate — to organize a referendum — has been stymied since mrocain, its sizable locally-based staff, resources and long experience may make it the entity best placed to perform this function.

The government bans peaceful demonstrations and refuses legal recognition to human rights organizations; the security forces arbitrarily arrest demonstrators and suspected Sahrawi activists, beat them and subject them to torture, and force them to sign incriminating police statements, all with virtual impunity; and the courts convict and imprison them after unfair trials.

They already knew me from the intifada.

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Hd Ipad Wallpapers x Guards remained in the room overnight. The move was taken, a senior administration official said, “in recognition of the close US-Morocco relationship, our appreciation for Morocco’s steadfast support in the global war on terror, and for King Mohamed VI’s role as a visionary leader in the Arab world.


More broadly, authorities should restrict the right of persons to form and act within associations only in accordance with the narrowly defined criteria specified in the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights.

Two months later, the police stopped him again:. It handed them sentences of between six and ten months in prison, except for Hammad Hammad, who received two years.

The report identifies no other witness linking the suspect to the attack. Iguilid filed a complaint with the prosecutor and also sent copies to the ministries of interior and justice. There, he says, plainclothes police frequently follow him and question those with whom he meets.

The authorities seek to discredit these activists, accusing many of them of using human rights as a cover to further the Polisario’s “separatist” telecharher, sometimes through violence. This is a situation that may continue for years to come. These included Sahrawis living in Spain and France as well as more than 19 who had left the camps between and to live in Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara.

While denying any links to violence, these activists openly embrace advocacy of independence as part of their human rights work since, for them, denial of self-determination is the human rights violation at the heart of the Sahrawi experience. Telecyarger Moroccan government responded marocajn collecting and submitting someappeals, the vast majority of them on behalf of candidates deemed ineligible.

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Fuchsia Flowers Wallpapers Hd Pictures. The prosecutor told Front Line that the police log indicated that Lidri had been in police custody for three days, and denied that the police could have transferred Lidri from their station to the PC CMI.

According to the report, Tahlil is “known to the security services in Boujdour as one of those who incite disturbances. In Western Sahara, Sahrawis told us that residual slavery maroacin persist there as well. Given the allegations of human rights abuses that have arisen in Polisario-run camps over the past three decades, Human Rights Watch believes that the camps merit regular, on-the-ground scrutiny by human rights organizations maocain international bodies.

While we found many Sahrawis eager to testify about abuses they had allegedly suffered, we also encountered or heard about others who declined to provide us information, explaining that they feared reprisal by the authorities.

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