PPhawinlike TV 1 mes. Mostrar controles del Reproductor. In the middle of the show we had to prepare our performance. Fly, fly, fly, bye. We would like to thank our class who came to Trondheim. Laurine Chipie 3 meses. It was like competing in MGP jr. Then you have

Tini Ardjo 3 dias. Asger Andersen 2 meses. Beat Scream 2 meses. Odd Are Svendsen 3 meses. Iveta Iveta 20 dias. Bojan Milosavljevic 1 mes.

That was really cool. In the Spellemann Awards. We would like to thank our class who came to Trondheim.

Marcus & Martinus – episode 3: Skole og Spellemann (English subtitles)

It was weird for them to see us writing autographs to all our fans. We love epsode class. Welcome to the GBU school. There are lots of celebrities there. And we have to go to school. Francois Guyot 1 mes. Thank you so much, members of the juryand everybody involved with Spellemann. Oliwia Karwowska 3 meses. What can I say? It was like competing in MGP jr.


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I have a surprise for you again. Novalie Dyrbye 3 dias.

You need to bring it along. Agata Staszak 3 meses. What can you do? Giselle Barragan 15 dias.

I can practice with you. Hjjvjuu Zujl 24 dias.

Mostrar controles del Reproductor. This is our story. Fabienne Taubenschuss 26 dias. This is quite a good studio too.

The last few years we have spent a lot of time in hotels. Give me a hug. I have some questions for you. Timea Crettaz 1 mes.

1&1 – Dereferrer

Here we keep sculptures and stuff. Natasa Soosova 16 horas. See you later, alligator. No, if you divide 30 by ten.

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Dijana Gavrilovic 2 meses. Karpe Diem gave us a high five. Thank you superkolkene watching this little school tour. Siv Merete Nilsen 2 meses. Riley Manwell 2 meses. Holger Janz 13 dias. There are people all superkokkne Tini Ardjo 3 dias. Jiri Vapenik 3 meses. A year with sold out concerts,high chart positions and lots of radio airtime. Sabrina Hamchou 2 meses. Theresa Stallinger 1 mes.


It was really exciting. Meeting Her Favorite YouTuber! Christoffer Lilleland Pedersen 3 meses. Our school is called Grane barne- og ungdomsskole. Evelin Valeva 26 dias.

We can promise you that it will be cool. Drop the music like The Spellemann of the Year will be 30 years old in a month.