Corbett performed in both shows in , when he ran for governor. Nancy Pelosi was there. Never Miss a Story. Freed’s advice to this year’s candidate-comics: Person Manan Trivedi most wants to see fundraise for me. PA doesn’t let state money fund abortions. The last two people to hit on my wife. Ryan Costello and Ed Rendell?

Pay for parking, meals, etc for meetings. My apartment is only square feet. If it gets to be too much just shut your eyes. The Candidates Comedy Night may show off entertainment ability on the part of the candidates, but it certainly raises money for Variety, the Children’s Charity – the beneficiary of the show since its second year. Stu took clean jokes. It happens that is the 40th anniversary of the closing of the fabulous showroom.

Dee Adcock R, open seat.

Two candidates walk into a bar…

Tom Wolf and I did this last night in Pittsburgh. The Latin quadrupled its seating to 2, and became the biggest, bestest nightclub between New York City and Miami Beach. They thought he asked for three days and nights at the Stj Hilton. I went the political route. What is the only thing slower than Obamacare website. I used to date a doctor, now I just want to be able to afford one.


The DNC people were just here. Manan Trivedi D-6, open seat. Sending buses of priests to Little League game. I know my party backs me because I rode up in the elevator with all of them.

Joe Conklin [jokes about Chris Christie and extra crispy and the ice water challenge. Support for WITF is comwdy by: Thanks Stu and Jenice. Does Trump want peace with North Korea more than getting rid of its nukes?

The Philadelphia event proceeds go to Variety, a charity serving children with disabilities. June 2, – 3: All three Boyles went the public service route. We both have two daughters and grew up in a small town. Eagles broke my heart.

It wasn’t Latin, it wasn’t a casino, but it made Cherry Hill famous | Stu Bykofsky

The Latin knew it would lose the stars to A. The professorial Wolf reminds me of Mr. There were several unhappy incidents: Sunday night thinking about jokes. Applause for Stu and Jenice. PA doesn’t let state money fund abortions.


Above Average Jane: Candidates’ Comedy Night

It wasthe last year the Latin was at Walnut St. I caught as much as I could. He likes to remind them that the comedy club audience is more forgiving than a debate audience.

This annual political event which benefits a local charity, Variety Philadelphia.

I have a lot in common with Wolf. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Trevor Noah is the only late-night comedian taking on the Starbucks arrest controversy

Wolf the Bbykofsky is a first-time candidate and show virgin. Story about kidney stone — called the Pelosi stone. This is my best effort at recording as much as I could. If that happened I apologize for it, and also for any other errors or misconceptions.