Collective oblivion and belated interpretation of the past]. The Antiquity of Nations , — Second, public and political attitudes towards migration are closely tied to deep-seated anxieties, including fears of loss, alienation, domination, and marginalization, and these fears can be easily exploited by populist politicians. Irigaray points out that this is exactly the reason for which radical change is needed: Thus, the semantics of the RFE commemorative programs originated from the physical effects generating the illusion of presence. Stalinist Purges in Eastern Europe, —

Towards a More Progressive Union. The share of the viewers of Soviet films fell back significantly, even compared to , when this tendency had begun. Hindsight teaches us at least one lesson: His view corresponded with a popular joke of the times that offered an alternative reading of the acronym PPR: This essay uses the tenure of Rokossowski as Polish Minister of Defense between and to shed light on the tension between nationalist rhetoric and Sovietization and the ways in which Polish society and popular opinion reacted to these processes. The implied conclusions for the new Yugoslav feminism are manifold. In autumn, , many callers discussed the merits of RFE programs commemorating the Hungarian revolution:

Inthirty years after the national trauma ofRadio Free Europe broadcasted an array of programs commemorating the revolution, while the official socialist media in Hungary contended again that what had happened in had been a counterrevolution.

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A nation teljez had erred had lost its son, fodradalom had only been able to come home because the nation had returned to the right path of history. Clearly, this new urgency was partially due to the Cold War, which left its mark on internal Polish politics. Enemies within the Gates? While we should not read them as scientific surveys of the public mood, we can use them to extract certain more or less random sound bites from society.

Nouvelle Vague in Osteuropa? I call the new feminist discourse in Yugoslavia a critical one, more similar in its attempt to forradalon the state in a dialogue than refusing it per se as tfljes dissidence does. Although the regime continued to initiate trials against less prominent war criminals, some of which were related to the Novi Sad massacre, these trials did not get much media attention, and in many cases took place in secret.

Magyarok az Angol Kertben: Accessed June 9, The conferences the international one in Belgrade, and then the Yugoslav feminist conferences in, and forradalo, the summer schools at the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik beginning in were attracting the largest audiences and opened up to women who would otherwise not have attended the feminist meetings.


Or did they in fact harmonize in some way with the actual intentions of the people who crafted cultural policy? Jahrhundertsedited by Ute Daniel and Axel Schildt, — Cariewskaja, Teczka Specjalna J. Or did it actually help the regime achieve the goals of its cultural policy?

This essay uses the tenure of Rokossowski as Polish Minister of Defense between and to shed light on the tension between nationalist rhetoric and Sovietization and the ways in which Polish society and popular opinion reacted to these processes. In some cases, issues of journals or newspapers could be banned or confiscated. He was portrayed as continuing the national struggle that had started centuries ago. About basic Party organizations in Czechoslovakia demanded the convocation of an extraordinary Party congress, which would threaten the positions of the CPCz leadership.

Xtep the process of these documentary strategies, the issue of authenticity underlies the question of how to create a representation of the historical events of Also, some of the officers involved in the raids had escaped. Her first novel, Hello Sadnesswas a strange composition even in forradalim French cultural landscape at the time, so its Hungarian publication was really surprising, though Polish audiences had been able to read it since In AugustMoscow determined the format of the new organization.

In the long run, this proved to be one of the fault-lines of the Yalta order. The question of whether could be given fkrradalom new, official interpretation therefore became a key issue in Hungary. Rokossowski could exercise control over the Armed Forces and report to Stalin on the party. On Hungarian witnesses, see: This coverage was the first in Hungary to mention the Western fashion frenzy, boogie and rock and rollin a positive way sinceonly a few weeks after the violent suppression of the revolution.

This was necessary in order to gloss over the fact that many ste; the victims of the war had been killed because of ethnic or political conflicts between the various Yugoslav factions. Social emancipation of partisan women in Serbia, —53].

Serbia in the modernisation processes of the 19 th and 20 th centuries].

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The Balkans and Central Europe in the interwar period and again after were essential laboratories for the development of international refugee protection mechanisms which still exist today and which we now see crumbling in Europe as, one by one, the countries of the region ignore their obligations according to the Geneva Convention. Radicalism, and in relation to that, revolution and the revolutionary nature of an ideology or movement, is a recurrent theme in the new Yugoslav feminist writings of the s and early s and is a crucial factor in their self-positioning within the Yugoslav discursive space, simultaneously adjusting to and challenging the status quo.


The Slovak Don Quijote]. During the early phase that is the focus of this paper, journal publications were of crucial importance. In the period of High Stalinism, the functionaries of the party-state were supposed to express their unlimited trust in their own propaganda.

The Last Soviet Generation. The invading Soviet tanks and the brutal fighting in the streets of Budapest, followed by massive violence against any form of opposition, forced the restored Communist regime to modify its interpretation of World War II.

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Instead, the language in which both camps criticized each other was becoming remarkably moderate. And this was the formula used by the leftist equation of artistic freedom with libertinage, denial of party control as an outcry against resistance and revisionism.

How was the supply of movies adjusted to public opinion and then slowly readjusted to correspond to former norms? After reading the paper, I have the feeling that Dulles is fighting heroic battles for the peace of mankind and only dark forces hinder him.

In other words, they were seeking a new beginning. The establishment of communist rule in Poland was violent and repressive. This contradiction is hardly new. Since this essay focuses on his time in Poland I use the Polish spelling of his name.

Sagan, who introduced her readers to the world of rebel teenagers, was usually labelled an existentialist, but her book was much better received than the two abovementioned plays.

The article ends with the optimistic conclusion: Laurence King Publishing,