At the gym, Haruko asks if he can do a slam dunk. Sakuragi then attacks Mitsui and starts fighting Tetsuo. Strong Team on Stage. As such both compete in private, and Rukawa manages to defeat Sakuragi. After various failed attempts, Haruko explains to Sakuragi that he needs to use less force with his hands, which allows him to make a successful shot. As he is subbed by Kogure, Sakuragi realizes he wants to keep playing, and when he awakes he confesses to Haruko his love for basketball. Team of Problematic Children. Edit Synopsis Hanamichi Sakuragi, a tall, boisterous teenager with flame-red hair and physical strength beyond his years, is eager to put an end to his rejection streak of 50 and finally score a girlfriend as he begins his first year of Shohoku High.

This page was last edited on 22 December , at Then the match between Ryonan and Kainan starts, with Kicchou Fukuda playing for the first time in the tournament with Ryonan. Works by Takehiko Inoue. Meanwhile, Ryonan plans to block all of Mitsui’s shots as he is very skilled at three-pointers. When Yoshinori blocks Sakuragi, Sakuragi starts making several mistakes as he only plays well when he faces strong opponents. Sakuragi continues making his typical mistakes to the point that he is subbed by the first year Yasuharu Yasuda as Anzai wants to slow down the pace of the game. As such, Taoka is forced to make Uozumi return to the game. Uozumi then learns from Hikoichi that Sakuragi once defeated Akagi and wants to see if it is true.

Rukawa is then subbed by Sakuragi and the game continues. But soon, he runs into the beautiful Haruko Akagi, who sees his tall stature as something amazing rather than frightening, and asks if he likes basketball. As such, Taoka is forced to make Uozumi return to the game. Rukawa makes a three-pointer, putting Shohoku down by only five points. However, Masashi scores first, expanding the difference. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Rukawa is then replaced by Kogure, and Shohoku has problems surpassing Kainan’s defense.


While preparing for the second half, Rukawa decides to continue playing despite his injury.

The game between Toyotama and Shohoku starts, and Miyagi has problems with Toyotama’s attacks as most of the players tend to bother him. Lists of manga volumes and chapters Slam Dunk manga. Sakuragi faces Mikio, who intrhigh blocks him due to his height. Overcome the Doubt in Your Heart.

Gorilla in His Best Shape. That Kind of Feeling. Anzai then forces Sakuragi and Rukawa to guard the board together. In the last 58 seconds, Sendoh reduces the lead to two points, but Sakuragi makes slam dunk at the last moment.

As Maki overpowers Sendoh’s defence, Kainan surpasses Ryonan. As the day of the match arrives, both teams practice in front of the audience. At the end of the first half Rukawa scores once again, evening up the game. Offensive Rebound ” The Night Before the Battle. Beobachter All s,am 42 people found this review helpful. Wild and Tumulthous Second Half.

eisodes However, Sakuragi decides he will keep going and Shohoku looks to take the lead in the last two minutes. Meanwhile, Akagi receives a phone call informing him that Anzai is in the hospital, having fallen unconscious while Sakuragi was practising. The next day Mitsui goes with his gang to Shohoku to take revenge on Miyagi. The Nation of Basketball.

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Nervous about playing in his first match, Sakuragi makes several mistakes until finally Rukawa kicks him out of the game in an attempt to calm him down. The series was published in English by Gutsoon! In a timeout, Anzai makes Sakuragi the focal point of Shohoku’s offense, but Shohoku is unable to stop Masashi Kawata from scoring, putting Sannoh down by only one point. The team members from Shohoku watch a video tape of the final game from the nationals from last year, and end surprised with how Sannoh easily defeated Kainan.


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Even after being completely healed, Mitsui decided to quit the team. Add to My List. What is this Guy Doing. The Mysterious Ace Killer. No Clue at All. However, Kainan ultimately defeats Ryonan, allowing them to enter the nationals. Sendoh manages to break their defense, and the Ryonan maintains a four point lead. However, the slam dunk is considered a foul epusodes Sakuragi is disqualified once again.

With minutes left cunk the match, Anzai allows Sakuragi to join the first year team. Due to the hit, the slaam call timeout, but Sakuragi continues playing.

Akagi then recovers and continues playing his powerful defense. A few days later, Shohoku starts its one-week training, but Anzai manva let Sakuragi go.

He became jealous of Miyagi’s success and then returned with his gang to provoke a fight with the basketball team to get them kicked out of the Kanagawa Prefecture Interhigh Tournament due to fighting. Nevertheless, Rukawa and Akagi are able to eliminate Ryonan’s lead. With help from his gang and Haruko, Sakuragi is successful in his training. Strong Team on Stage. In the next 10 seconds, Sawakita manages to score, allowing Sannoh to take the lead. Not the Average Guy.

Then Masashi easily slam dunks after passing both Akagi and Sakuragi. Instead of shooting, Rukawa realizes that the easiest way to score is by passing the ball, which he is successful at, allowing Akagi to score twice.