Add – More Bleach Movie 4: The opening sequence was so attention-gripping and was like ten minutes of fancy graphics, and then the end was just maybe three minutes of graphics and then credits roling. Add – More Junjou Romantica 3. Since the last time I blogged another episode of OreImo aired; did you watch it? So I haven’t blogged in much too long; I was hoping this would be at least a once-a-week thing. Add – More Senkaiden Houshin Engi.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. I L-O-L’d like you wouldn’t believe. If you really enjoyed Twilight , I would probably tell you to read this book, too. If you thought something perverted, raise your hand! I think that people don’t like her because she’s a rarity; her mixture of hobbies is a rarity. Requiem – Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka. Laiser and Mujaka fall into a hand of tragic destiny, fighting with each other desperately leaving their friendship behind.

Add – More Hikaru no Go. Add – More Mahoutsukai no Yome.

Seikon no Qwaser

Add – More High Score. Add – More Junjou Romantica 3. She’s better now, so there’s no need to worry anymore. Add – More Sennen Joyuu. A world without crime or criminals. Add – More Sugar Sugar Rune. Mihailov Academy, a Animeultuma Eastern Orthodox school, and draws heavily on religious references from the aforementioned religion.

Add – More Osakana wa Ami no Naka.


Add – More Rozen Maiden. Add – More Gravitation. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but that’s what the nickname option is there for! Add – More Arata Kangatari.

Aoki Ookami-tachi no Densetsu. Blitz Jul 22, Darling May 13, Posted by Jennrin at 9: It made me so disappoint.

Racheluzumaki’s Anime List –

It was sort of like “we’re going to go wherever our lives lead us and just see what happens”. To learn more about the Generation Dead series go here: It shows how the stone mask was found and how Dio first obtained and utilized his powers. Add – More Animultima. I thought that from episode 12 to the end, it was a much more enjoyable experience than the first half.

Add – More Saigo no Door wo Shimero! Add – More Nijiiro Days. Add – More On Your Mark.

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I’ve been slacking off. Add – More Accel World.

ComedyDemonsFantasySeinenSupernatural. But Torutan and myself have started watching some series “together”– it can’t be really “together” because he lives a few states away, but we’re trying to pick a series and then watch an episode a day to give us something to talk about. Add – More Seikon no Qwaser. If you thought something perverted, raise your hand! Do you guys got plans for fan subbing Kenzen Robo Daimidaler?


But then again, I like Kirino– it’s almost-scary how qwaer I can relate to her. Limit Dec 28, Add – More Natsume Yuujinchou.

Add – More Shin Tenchi Muyou! awaser

His name is Patch. He is a Qwaser, a being who can manipulate iron and draws his power from breast milk. Add – More Hakuouki. But there is a really beautiful Momohime Muramasa: Add – More Perfect Blue. Add – More Kyou kara Maou!

Add – More Karneval. Add – More Chihayafuru. Add – More Hiiro no Qawser. A mystery surrounding an icon tranforms the academy into a setting for conflict between the various Qwasers.

Net-juu no Susume Fall Anime. The ones that tickle your imagination. Paradise Kiss; I will start off with rating it a 9. Add – More Star Driver: I’ve completed three games already this year from start-to-finish all the way through, no stops in the middle. Add – More Sakamichi no Apollon. Strategy Above the Depths. Add – Qqaser Hakushaku to Yousei.