The album front cover is a little misleading, as it includes photos of Al Kooper and guitarists Mike Bloomfield and Stephen Stills. Relayer, by Yes November 28, December 12, 2. They both came out incredible and so I mastered them with Bob Ludwig. November 28, Kooper and Bloomfield had previously worked together on the sessions for the ground-breaking classic Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan , as well as playing in support of his controversial appearance at the Newport Folk Festival in July The album was released in July , a good month as record releases go: Album cover of re-release of Super Session.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Later in s, it was intended that it would be remixed for the new 5. The quadraphonic version was released on SQ matrix encoded vinyl and discrete 8-track cartridge tape. Playlist — All the music in this blog. Speaking of that milestone festival, all of the musicians performing on the Super Session album played in Monterey — in addition to Eddie Hoh, Kooper run a jam session, Stills was then with Buffalo Springfield, and Bloomfield, Brooks, and Goldberg were part of the Electric Flag. Kooper telephoned Bloomfield to see if he was free to come down to the studio and jam; Bloomfield agreed, leaving Kooper to handle the arrangements.

Since this would make the record much more expensive, it appears that most companies are avoiding this issue by simply canceling the release stvee the SACD version. One of these was Season of the Witch, a song written by Donovan and first appearing on his excellent Sunshine Superman album from This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat The record peaked at number 12 on the billboard charts and became a gold record, a first for Kooper.


The album was released in Julya good month as record releases go: On April 8,Legacy Records reissued the album for compact disc with four bonus tracksincluding both an outtake and a live track with Bloomfield, and two with the horn overdubs mixed out.

I like the rawness of his guitar sound, as it adds authenticity to the fact that this was truly a jam session, not koopper polished rock record.

Season of the Witch, from Super Session

Kooper telephoned Bloomfield to see if he was free to come down to the studio and jam; Bloomfield agreed, leaving Kooper to handle the arrangements. January 9, 9. I Stand Alone Bloomfield was about to leave Electric Flagand at relative loose ends. Music fans in were open to this type of music — blues and rock jams with songs lasting 11 minutes. Kooper said, “Have finished an eye-opening 5.

Electric Flag — Brooks and Bloomfield. Views Read Edit View history.

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The term Super Group, so popular in describing a band of musicians who already made a name for themselves in the music industry, started with the Super Session record released in July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This has got to be the finest way to listen to music if it is prepared correctly. Tge Big Deal — Unclaimed Freight.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On the second day, with the tapes ready to roll, Bloomfield did not show up. On the first day, the quintet recorded a group of mostly blues -based instrumental tracks, including a modal excursion “His Holy Modal Majesty”, a tribute to the late John Coltrane that was also reminiscent of “East-West” from the second Butterfield Blues Band album. Persian Love, by Holger Czukay.

Playlist — All the music in this blog. Bloomfield and Stills do not play together on the album, with tracks including Bloomfield on side one, and those including Stills on side two. Jerry RagovoyMort Shuman.


December 12, 2. The Artistry of Robert Kirby December 12, 2. The reason for this was that a legal challenge had been made that Super Audio discs contain up to three complete recordings of a work: From the album Super Session. There were actually two sessions — one with Bloomfield, a second with Stills hastily organized. Retrieved 26 July Retrieved from ” https: They both came out incredible and so I mastered them with Bob Ludwig.

However there is not a single track on the album that features both guitar players, simply because they were never in the same room at the same time. January 30, 2.

The recording being in LA, Kooper was able to secure the services of Stephen Stills on a same-day notice for the second session. Season of the Witch features Stephen Stills on electric guitar, and it sounds like he found a wah wah pedal laying around and started experimenting with it.

Needing to have something to show for the second day of sessions, to sit in for Bloomfield, Kooper hastily called upon Stephen Stillsalso in the process of leaving his band Buffalo Springfield. The horns are a great addition to the song and I was surprised to find out that they were added later at a New York studio, as they sound so integral to the arrangement.

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