The Golden Palace — Keywords Friendship , Religion. Production Details Time Period: Peter Melnick , Bill Russell. G3-D5 A streetwise taught character from Brooklyn. After watching this riotous revue, I am completely convinced that Rue McClanahan should have her own stand-up comedy show.

He began his professional career singing in the Broadway production of Luther, starring Albert Finney. Yes No Report this. Retrieved from ” https: The “One-Nun-sense Musical” featured songs introduced by Sister Robert Anne from the many previous “Nunsense” shows, but also included two new songs from “Nunset Boulevard. Amnesia remains on stage after the rest leave, and decides to tell the audience a story about who she would be if she wasn’t a nun “I Could’ve Gone to Nashville”. Add the first question. Amnesia and Hubert return with Sister Julia, Child of God’s cookbook and put on a short cooking show segment, which is interrupted by the fact that the book is full of misprints and innuendos. The show has since been adapted for television, starring Rue McClanahan , and has spawned six sequels and three spin-offs.

Read More actors, singers, dancers Performer. Add the first question. As a longtime fan of music theater, I’m always looking for new shows to perform in or listen to.

Anthony KingScott Brown. Christine Toy Johnson, Christine L. An unfortunate convent cooking accident causes most of the order of the Little Sisters of Hoboken to die of botulism.

Reverend Mother is calmed down by Synopsiw Hubert, who reminds her that they’ve got to stick together in times of crisis like this “Just a Coupl’a Sisters”.

The rest of the nuns rush on afterwards, led by an especially distraught Reverend Mother, who has received a summons from the Board of Health that “We’ve Got to Clean Out the Freezer”. The Sisters then explain in song how they got where they are today, originally working in a leper colony near France, but quickly leaving after some of the Characfer developed leprosy themselves “A Difficult Transition”and after the song, Sister Amnesia quizzes the audience on it.


It was directed by Dan Goggin. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use characcter Privacy Policy.

First, get 10 brownies really hot Updated with new jokes, additional lyrics, two new arrangements, and a brand new song, this zany musical has been videotaped for television starring Rue McClanahan as the Mother Superior.

A constant source of aggravation for the Mother Superior. A new version named Nunsense: Originating as a line of nunesnse cards, Goggin expanded the concept into a cabaret show that ran for 38 weeks, and eventually into a full-length musical.

Sister Amnesia is then left alone on stage to tell a story.

Nunsense: The Mega-Musical Version

With Show Ready, you can virtually send your music …. Amnesia runs off crying, and the rest of the Sisters follow, except for Reverend Mother.

Dan GogginDavid Stern. Someone gets wind of the fact that a movie producer is across the street auditioning for roles chagacter a new movie musical.

Originally founded njnsense a missionary order, they started out running a leper colony on an island south of France. Amid the merriment is a riotous audience participation quiz that has everyone rolling in the aisles, Nunsense offers a cornucopia of hilarity for the whole family, proving conclusively that nun rhymes with fun!


Rue McClanahanChristine L.

Anderson, Semina De Laurentis. Amnesia, Robert Anne, and Leo then perform an Andrews Sisters-type number “The Drive-In”then show a “homemade convent film display”, which is shut off by Reverend Mother after it shows embarrassing clips of her.

Amnesia, Nunsene, and Hubert return, and learn that a local Jewish temple has sent them flowers wishing them good luck. Within 15 years it attracted more than Learn more More Like This.

Nunsense | Samuel French

This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members. This is Dan Goggin’s third installment of Nunsense, and the notably weaker plot involves Sister Amnesia’s country western tour that is now stopped at the Grand Ole Opry. Chadacter, everything comes back to her synopeis she remembers her real name – Sister Mary Paul – and her past. Mary Wilhelm Jennifer Smith Mother Superior is hesitant to accept.

Even though I didn’t appreciate it as much the first time I saw it, Nunsense grew on me very quickly–to the point where I bought the box set, and I’ve now seen it probably 20 times not to mention that I’ve memorized the songs.