Submit a new text post. During the day, cause I’m a wimp. He said no one had been around. I continued to see the white dress. The windows on the main building are bare, so I immediately assumed it was from kids. In the midst of the drought and water shortages, the New South Wales State government has unveiled plans to recycle millions of litres of water trapped in a network of abandoned train tunnels beneath the heart of Sydney. The main difference is that a patient in a sanatorium was always sick, usually with tuberculosis. She was placed there by the nursing home she had lived in – in the middle of the night with no word to anyone in the family.

We met up with my friends brother who was meeting us there and asked if he had seen anyone come in since he was on the roof and you could see the entire thing. Yeah I was in-patient there for like weeks. I have a few stories about the inside of that place nothing paranormal just bloody mattresses, old Victorian house it was connected to, and oh yeah all the patient papers including SS drivers licsense and their histories and reasons for being in there. I just googled it haha. All stories must be horror. Dark Theme Light Theme. We waited a minute and then heard another one slam and decided to run for it, assuming it was security. My sub was also connected to a mental health troubled youth hospital The Ardmore center.

It’s been yearsten years since the hospital shut down and even longer since I first saw her. After circling the ‘clearing’ for a long while, he stopped. Scaring girls there, was a way to meet them.


Northville Psychiatric Hospital, Michigan : nosleep

Hope you can get the closure you need OP! There aren’t any lights and it was just tunnells normal night as far as the moon was concerned.

I spent some time there when I was younger. For a more detailed explanation of the subreddit, click here.

Tangles’ whereabouts remained unknown and his family are still searching for answers. All in all, definately a valuable end of high school mlvie haha. The hospital in Northville that this post is discussing was a sanitarium.

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Read the Reader FAQ! Patients from the nearby hospital shouldn’t come into your yard, talking in tongues, looking at you with sunken, yellow eyes, and rotted teeth. Years ago, when my grandparents were still alive, my ailing tiny grandmother got placed in Northville State as a patient.

This time was different. As time passed, unused buildings at the site were closed and subsequently razed. Jenn wants to know why the woods are evil. The story of Eloise dates back almost to when Michigan was admitted into the Union.

I forget which name it is, but its an OLD mental hospital. tunnelw

I omvie he was cutting and stabbing himself with the plastic knife. Ali read court documents from in which a man sued the hospital for the death of his father citing deliberate indifference to medical needs and a violation of patient rights. Some of the creepier things that i saw while we were there.

No debunking, disbelief, or criticism northvil,e or otherwise. The hospital closed May Isaac was sick with what was possibly smallpox. I’m pretty sure if any of the neighbors were up, they’d think I was nuts.


The horror of Eloise hospital: haunted Michigan mental asylum goes up for sale

All of the pictures that my friends have taken has been enough for me. Since all the doors in these buildings are usually wide open those lights will be shining out the windows and it will be super easy to tell someone is inside.

She was crying softer this time, reaching out towards me as if to tell me that she meant no harm, but she was scaring me anyway. She and her crew Peter producerSteven camera operator and Tangles audio engineer decide to investigate the story and plan to enter the tunnels themselves. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


Something pounces on the guard as he nears a corner, dragging him tunneks of sight. They must have been crafty. My first night there I was given a large dosage of Ativan to soothe me. Ali believes scary graffiti writings are small during the day but terrifying at night.

I’ve heard of this place, and while I like hearing paranormal accounts, I would never attempt to trespass anywhere.