Sonya says she didn’t want Vanessa to think she’s being a burden. She doesn’t return the sentiment, asking if Chris told him to say it. Vanessa grabs her bag and leaves. Can you honestly tell me that there is nothing there. This is a whole new level of cruelty. She’s about to take Nell but Angie tells her not to take Nell, she can watch her.

Monday on Neighbours – Paul goes straight to Priya with news of Ajay’s liaison with Phillipa; and when Ajay comes in the next day, Priya gets upset – Callum and Bailey take photos at the lake, but catch Sarah and Karl in the frame; what will Susan make of it? As he said that final bit, he then makes an advance at Priya but she quickly backs away and warns him off before quickly exiting the store. Vanessa grabs her bag and leaves. She unloads about the horrid job she has at the paper and they agree to have lunch together down by the lake. Community Centre Ajay is karate – training, when a woman called Phillipa comes over and compliments him on his skills. Sonya and Toadie don’t look chuffed, and as Vanessa closes the door behind her, she sighs heavily. Because if you take away the fun, what’s left?

He adds that if she won’t talk to him about it, there’s nothing he can do; but Chris suggests he work out how he feels and tell her. Angie introduces herself to Vanessa and tells her she came 66576 for Nell’s naming day only to learn it had been postponed because of Patrick.

This is your way of manipulating me.

Paul thinks she got off lightly, it’s a good thing he’s an old softie. Tash tells him if they really epizode something, it won’t matter. The chat is curtailed when Ajay leaves to go pick Rani up after she sent him a text. Susan was offered a job at the Star, but she believes that Sarah pulled strings to get it for her and now she won’t accept the offer. She thanks Angie and says she’ll bear that in mind. Phillipa, the woman from karate, shows up, but has to remind Ajay where they met.


Sonya realises that Angie gave Nell formula milk instead the milk from the fridge. Angie greets Toadie and gives him a hug. Charlie’s Priya tells Paul that Rani was the one responsible for the graffiti, and begs him to drop the charges.

Neighbours Episode from –

She tells him he should keep his mouth shut before stomping off. Number 24 When Ajay comes out from getting changed, Priya reminds him that they need to discuss Rani’s punishment. No second guess who that was especially given the death stare Susan then dishes out towards Sarah!

And that is great, but neighours is exhausting.

Home and Away 6576 15th December 2016 Part 1/2

Andrew and Tash come in. Charlie’s Sarah and Karl bump into each other at Charlie’s.

When kids go off the rails sometimes it can be episdoe to get them back on track. Kate says Amber will have to buck up her ideas if she wants to pass Year 11; Lauren’s surprised things are that bad, but is sure Amber’s grades will pick up.

What’s wrong with fun? Kate Kendall, Amber Turner: She doesn’t return the sentiment, asking if Chris told him to say it.

Number 30 Angie apologises neighbousr blurting out the truth to Vanessa, she didn’t realise Lucas hadn’t told her. Erinsborough News Susan apologises to Sarah for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Tomorrow on Neighbours – Karl volunteering to talk to Susan about the job. No, I do, I do, of course I do. Sarah says the way Susan spoke to her suggests it isn’t just about the job offer, Susan’s determined to see her as the enemy and now she’s going to pass up this opportunity just to stick it to her.


Yeah and unlike you, I don’t pretend to be a saint. Nicola Charles Baby Nell Rebecchi: You don’t trust me to look after neeighbours own grandchild? He apologies for his dad’s involvement in her punishment but their friendly chat suddenly takes a nosedive when he innocently mentions about people having affairs after his chat with Callum thus making his parents look boring.

Don’t take me for a fool!

See, I told you. Vanessa and Angie encourage them to have it tomorrow anyway, Angie eoisode the naming day is back on. Previously on Neighbours – Lucas telling Vanessa that things were great for a while, with her in his life and them having a kid, but then realised things were going to get messy.

Lassiters Park Bailey distracts Rani from her litter duties by taking photos of her for the competition. Toadie kisses them goodbye as he has to rush off to work, just as Georgia arrives, welcoming her auntie Angie.

Because I may be going out on the limb here, but for you to get that angry with Sarah, it must be coming from some deep emotional place.