On the wedding day, she asks from her friend what happened in yesterday’s episode. Her teacher tells to Safiyyah that he was 5 when his father had died and his mother struggled to death by protecting him and says him that they will now take tea outside. Fariya’s father said that because of Fatiya this home is running and what he will do after Fariya’s marriage. He sleeps while she thinks to say him that she loves blue colored-suits but there are no enough blue suits. He says that he has no any saddness for what he do. She, crying, says him that it is his own wish to whether marry her or not and it’s not her problem. She then comes to the lawyer and says him to take divorce from him. Saifiyyah comes and takes mobile of her with her and he smiles.

Ayaz doesn’t allow Aliya as he thinks that modelling is not a good thing. She mostly reads novel and digests. He follows him but loses him in the darkness of night. She tries to kick him out of home but he says her that he is the landlord of home and he can kick her anytime. His mother breaks all churiyas that Munney bought for Kharafa and he took that and was seeing that continuously. Her wife, Meena Sawera Nadeem is kind hearted, and is housewife. Jamra’at asks Bibi about Ramzan that she wants to marry him and wants jewellery.

She tries to take off his breath so that he can die because her father chose him instead of his mother. She goes to home where same doctor comes in ike and asks her to do nursing of hospital. He finds shoes from dining table.

She cuts her call and she at night listens to sad music and not comes to tuition.

He says her that she should not cry for John’s death because it’s natural and gives her flowers-packed and goes. Parvez also tells to his mother that she is foolish but cute and shying girl. At night, she says her teacher whole story, her teacher says her that he will not come again in her way again.

Neelam Muneer is a Pakistani actress and model. She makes “Khichdi” for him in morning and says him that she has made because of his belly pain. She also says that he is a rich businessman and they will marry and they are good people and says he will call him and he accepts. She suppresses Rozi Ushna Shah. One day, he gives his mother’s white dupatta to Kharafa.


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In his paranoia, he believes he has caught his sister and the young man red-handed and he runs in and strangles his sister. Poor grammar and spelling Please help improve this article if you can. Saifiyyah comes and takes mobile of her with her and he smiles.

The day comes when Aaliya refuses Faisal to pick and drop her, claiming her conveyance is arranged. While, his mother applies make-up, her husband comes and says her why she neeelum preparing but she says that because of she is happy that he has neelkm.

Are you looking for Drama Serial Neelum Kinaray? Safiyyah says her that it’s not time of Farhat’s coming.

Munney becomes angry and breaks all thins and oes. List Ambar Faisal Episode: The night of the wedding, Seemi’s mother tells Seemi she should tell her husband the truth about herself.

A man who was a friend of Arsalan’s late grandfather warmly greets them and remarks that Arsalan looks exactly like his grandfather. While, her father recovers and finally their gudda and guddies marry.

He hits her many times with it. Eventually they both fall in love but try to keep that secret. She on next day gets Rs. She catches him when she saw his loud coming from his room to her room. Neelum Kinaray Episode 12 Video Songs.

When she sleeps, he takes a pillow and put it on her face and pushes very hard and she dies.

Ever since then, Seemi has believed all husbands are abusive and she has never been able to accept her father’s death. He says her that she has never got a true love but he first takes her name and then suddenly says her to give her daughter Frahat for marriage. Saba is strict with her servants especially with Rozi.

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She again prays that someone should die. And that master also beat him along. She says her to go until Mansoor’s anger goes.


While Mian Sahab says her that he has decided that Baby and Guddi to go school together. They don’t have any children because of Jameel. Nurse guides her, she falls with that doctor and they both smile.

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She says him that she wants to go but he says her that he will drop her, she agrees. Arsalan also wonders why Farhana always writes ’64 on her letter but he does not ask her. He shouts that Ejaz had done good doubt on her, iknaray is doing it but someone comes from room, he guesses him his maternal uncle and all luggage was his. She becomes more afraid and her husband asks her and she tells her the reality. His mother, enraged, goes to Kharafa’s house to get her dupatta back from Kharafa, ends up finding out that her dupatta has been dyed yellow by her.

While, because of that, she becomes unconscious.

He becomes very happy and he also gives her gift of Happy Anniversary Day. He follows her on can with bike and gets meet up in coffee shop and says her to give him her number and she gives him and happily goes.

She aks her that he should get her into hotel where he refuses her to go otheewise he should get her to home and kunaray accepts to let her go home. He becomes extremely shocked to see Saba coming from outsied. Hadi says her that why she has come in uniform and beats her in hand. That is why she is referred to as Khala Bi. She comes and says that Mustaqeem is not her brother and he is her step-brother.