Ravan promises Mandodari that he will not marry Sita. Meanwhile, Ravan disguises himself as a Rishi. Meghnath informs Ravan that Ram has killed Bali. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Tapasya brought back to the Thakur mansion! Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. Ram shoots an arrow through seven trees to prove his calibre. Hanuman tells Ram about seeing him in his dreams.

Ram follows the deer into the jungle. Surpanakha decides to seek Kumbhakaran’s help to kill Sita. Mandodari threatens to set herself on fire if Ravan marries Sita. Will Mandodari and Trijata help Sita escape from Lanka? Meanwhile in Lanka, Kaikesi warns Ravan about Sita’s magical powers. He tells her to keep Sita alive, until he avenges her insult.

Ram orders Lakshman to guard Sita, until he returns.

Later, Lakshman agrees to go look for Ram. Lakshman draws a line outside the hut for Sita’s security and asks her not to cross it. Ram tells Lakshman about Marich and confronts him for leaving Sita alone!

Ram follows the deer into the jungle. Ravan learns about Sursa, Simhika and Lankini’s defeat. Trijata tries to trick Sita into believing that Ravan has beheaded Ram. Why Damini slaps Ichha. Epizode behaviour towards Sita changes when she learns about Ram.

Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita. Meghnath tells Sulochana about the maze built by Ravan. A magical fire surrounds Sita when Kaikesi tries to attack her.


Sampati learns about Jatayu’s death from Hanuman and Jamvant.

Kumbhakaran attempts to kill Sita! It’s Not That Simple S Sita is relieved to learn that Ram knows about her whereabouts.

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Will everything go as per Ram’s plan? Hanuman reveals his real identity to Ram and Lakshman! Bali confronts him for not fighting him in a direct combat. Later, he tells Sita about his strategy to overpower Ram.

She asks him to marry Sita. Akampana informs Ravan that Marich has managed to lead Ram away from the hut. Meanwhile, Meghnath kills his soldiers when they try to attack Sita. Kaikesi agrees to help Surpanakha. Meanwhile, Meghnath leaves, making Akshay in charge. Hanuman provokes Bali to fight with Sugriva.

Later, he gets jealous when Sita praises Ram. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Will Mandodari go against Ravan to protect Sita? Damini tells Divya she has daughter. Meghnath informs Ravan that Ram has killed Bali.

Na Bole Tum S Hanuman tells Sugriva that he will seek help from the other kings to defeat Bali. Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

Lankini tells Hanuman about Lord Bramha’s boon to Ravan. Lakshman seeks Shabari’s help to find the way. Jatayu comes to rescue Sita but Ravan kills him. Will he abe able to reach Lanka?


Veer declines Tapasya’s claim as wife

Ram motivates Sugriva to win against Bali. Sugriva decides to find Sita and bring her back from Lanka. Ravan is elated to learn from his informer about Ram’s grief. Lakshman asks Sugriva to wear a garland while fighting Bali so that Ram can differentiate between the twins. Ravan learns that one of his commanders is revolting against him.

Meanwhile, Maruada finds himself forced to fight Sursa and Simhika. Tapasya brought back to the Thakur mansion! Hanuman tells Sugriva that Bali has made Roma his slave.

Sita tells Ravan to kill her and avenge himself! Sita is relieved and happy when Hanuman tells her about his meeting with Ram and how Ram is grief-stricken without her. We do not support playback on this browser, requesting you to please update your browser to the latest version. Kaikasi talks to Ravan about Mandodari’s concern for him. Can Akshay defeat Hanuman?

Damini’s acceptance of Ichha as her daughter.