He wanted to tell his father he could not but I advised him to go. What’s dze helloo is goiii onooo? Abusers are very good at apologizing. I had about R50 in my purse. JT went to the ladies to do number 2. I always wondered why a girl would dump the real thing and opt for a toy.

I screamed for him to get out…. I am not perfect and you know that. I always wonder why older men go for younger ones when they remarry. When an old Venda man says that, you should be worried. Sharon Letsoalo, I love you with all my heart. I wondered why Mpho never called his stepmother to come back from her holiday when Dick was in hospital. The good thing about being drunk is that you can do stupid things and blame it on booze the following day. I had no choice but to divorce my hands from the treadmill frames.

As Kea was looking for something to cover her naked body with, pastor went “Oh my lordo my lordo my lordo. Mpho told him he was taking a break from makwapheni.

I regret the day I welcomed her in my house. I was not in a mood to listen to his crazy stories about my man.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 360

Diary of a Side Chick — Makhwapheni Episode I felt like someone cast a spell on me. I asked if he’s having an affair with Kea and he said NO, it was just a once-off temptation. I told him he was asking the wrong person to take care of him because I was also planning to get sloshed. You episod never have a peace of mind.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode – Lesego Maake

She was either at church or library. You eipsode care about his money. I am too drunk to drive to drive to Pretoria. That is where babies and all types of screaming happens. I think they knew him because staff members were talking to him like someone they have engaged with before.


I told her I needed water and that I was going back to bed. The so-called besties are the very first people to spread rumour about you. I did it because I had planned it from the minute I laid my eyes on the cute Xhosa boy.

He screamed so hard Dick appeared from the house with a gun in his hand. I knew she wanted to talk about Carol and Sello. If you make me a baby I will love you until death do us apart. When we got to the house we helped Dick walk.

When we are afraid, we pull back from life. Diary of a Side Chick — Makhwapheni Episode I am not perfect and you know that. It was dark and silent in the house. mkhwapheni

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 8

Many die in silence because they want to protect the people they love, in most case the same people who abuse them. I told you Sharon Letsoalo is the best thing to ever happen to me.

The advantage of giving a Xhosa man a head is you know he is not uBabes weSocks. I asked what went on inside the complex and he drove off without answering my question. He strategically placed his head between my legs and the next thing I felt his tongue landing on my oh Gosh… Modimo wa kgotso. You even have the guts to call me after everything you put this family through. No normal person can rejoice when some woman out there is a widow because of them.

Bona ntwana, ke tla o shaphela dry kaosane. Kabelo was a friend of Mpho, the one whom I suspected or actually knew was playing for the other team. I saw tears flowing on his cheeks and my soft heart fell for it.


Diary of a Side Chick — Makhwapheni Episode Mpho was behaving out of character. I can always ask my lesbian friend to drive me to Boyne Moria right now. I told her I was happy with you and she got angry. The pastor said we must pray for her safety. She showed some powder in a small plastic. That exposed the pastor’s uncondomed dick for few seconds and I was like OMG, so it’s true what they say about Nigerian dicks. I had suffered emotional and physical abuse before epizode the one I suffered from Mpho hit makhwaphnei because I never expected it from him.

I think it happens to other girls too. I promise I will never leave you. I promise and I swear that I will never do what I did again. He kissed me like he was blowing a vuvuzela.

It shakes even the hardest criminals. Kissing with water raining on us made me fall deeper for Mpho.

Diary of a Side Chick – Makhwapheni Episode 340

Well, she was technically my mother in law and I hated her before I was even episove introduced to her. He dropped the seat a bit and I got on top of him. I have been patient for over 5 years now. We come from the same hood in Ga-Kgapane, Tzaneen in Limpopo. This guy is no good Primary Menu Skip to content. I wondered why Mpho never called his stepmother to come back from her epksode when Dick was in hospital.