He barges in and grabs her, heading towards his house. Episode A goodnight kiss 7. He tells Sana that he is starting to fall in love with her. Akito has stopped acting up because of the picture, and another boy vies for the “boss monkey” title. Both Akito and Naozumi vie to help Sana through the pressures of intense media attention. Sana doesn’t have anymore jobs and takes a break. Rick doesn’t know what to do, so he begs Naozumi to help her, but instead of helping her, Naozumi puts out all of his anger out on her, since she has done horrible things to him in the past, and had taken advantage of him currently also. Akito and Sana gaze at each other.

Sana gives Akito a Burutcha buzzer. When she visits Fuka, Fuka’s mom tells Sana that Akito and Fuka have broken up because of her injury. She then runs away, and when Akito calls her by he first name and asks her what she’s so upset about. Akito gets blame for it. When Misako refuses to cooperate with Shizuka’s schemes, she turns her attention to Sana. Then, Asako asks Sana to do a “chat” with her, and Sana agrees.

If there really is a Kodocha episode 103 then where is it?

dubhed During the “chat,” Sana reveals that she found Rei as a homeless bum before he became her manager, and Asako realizes that Rei was her ex-boyfriend. Why did Funimation drop Kodocha?

Episode Akito’s decision Naozumi finds out that kodocya mom just used him to ‘be in the spotlight’. Akito does something to bug Sana, when they got close again.

Add to My List. Episode The first day hiding 5. Sana then searches for him. Misako’s essay “My Daughter and I” is released. Agency for Cultural Affairs. Up on the top floors, Akito starts feeling sick.


What episode of kodocha does akito see sana on the billboard? She goes back to school. The Hayama family are surprise guests, invited by her matchmaking grandmama. Naozomi says it was his revenge for Sana dumping him, although he really said it because he wants Sana and Akito to be happy together, and he knows Sana will never confess on her own.

One is a kkodocha diva, who despises Sana.

If there really is a Kodocha episode then where is it? | Yahoo Answers

Brad tells Naozumi that Secil is actually his real sister, and that’s why Secil cannot love Naozumi like a lover. Sana, Tsyoshi, and Natsumi meet a mysterious woman, which they think that she is Mr. What episode does akito get a girlfriend in kodocha? When Misako refuses to cooperate with Shizuka’s schemes, she turns her attention to Sana. He dies at the end from a chronic disease with Sana in his arms.

Kodomo no Omocha (TV) (Kodocha) –

They meet a boy named Brad, who looks identical to Hayama. Fuka tells Akito not to come anymore, and that she wants to break up with him.

Where, Sana stays the night. Everyone is excited about a class camping trip. The apartment that Sana stayed in gets torn down, and for another week, the Kurata family is homeless. He was almost hit by a car.

Whenever Sana meets her drama co-star Asako, her manager Rei always disappears. This is a list of episodes ,odocha the television series Kodocha.

I’m going to be doing it with Naozumi Kumura. But this time, he is serious. Sana and Zenjiro are reunited in the new series ‘Kodocha’. When she tries to defend her teacher, he ignores her, and Sana gets really mad. Fuka tells Sana why she slapped Akito, and about how Akito ruined her life by stealing her first kiss in kindergarten.


Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. AnnaSartin – Dec 22, Akito and Sana kiss for the last time in the anime and Akito says that after he receives his black belt in Karate, he has something to tell Sana.

Depressed by the death of Takeshi, Sana leaves for the mountains and Akito convinces her to come home. Sana gets attacked by Naozumi’s fans, since Naozumi likes Sana.

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Episode A goodnight kiss 7. Sana’s friends welcome her back and pay her a visit where she announces that she and Naozumi are officially a couple. You would probably have a better chance … buying the series on eBay.

Akito stresses about trying to epksode a gift for Sana, and Sana stresses about a job. The hyperactive Sana decides to dig deeper and find out what makes Akito tick, so class can kdocha back to normal and the teacher can stop spending every day crying instead of teaching.

Magical girl Sana tries to defeat Mecha-Hayama but is unexpectedly stopped by Akito.