In her final scene she jumps out of a window and dies, much to the joy of her employer. He joyfully rides out of prison on his space hopper called “Mr Hoppy” to the music of “Come” by Eddie Warner, only to find things have changed too much for him to understand. There are some disturbing incidents in this show. The foster father bears a marked resemblance to serial killer Harold Shipman , who went undetected for years before being identified and convicted. Just don’t believe anything in the show is true. The sketch begins with Matt Harding ‘s haunting “Our Conversation” playing in the background, as a doctor and another researcher discuss the problems related to a disease or over-exposure to a specific drug. In another episode, he is prosecuted for false advertising under the Weights and Measures Act , for describing his penis as a ‘Red Hot Quarter Pounder’ on a toilet wall. Despite the several themes, Brian remains the only patron, and only ever drinks a pint of Best , with cheese and onion crisps.

A father of a young girl is hopelessly addicted to gambling and resorts to selling her possessions and birthday presents received from her family to fund his habit. A must watch for anyone with a grown-up sense of humour. This is the best way to sum up this programme. I know the writers will go on to do more well known things but here its raw and magnificent. The show also gets high marks for their use of downbeat songs throughout the series, which often act as bridges between segments. When executing suspected paedophiles, he will cite justification with the likes of, “By the powers invested in me by a text vote on Sky News Lezza stuff, barnyard sex, anal, Ready Steady Cook , anything!

The animation is done in a kind of new-wave, post – computer graphics style, a epidode blend of hand drawn and computer animation. Monkey Dust bucks that trend with moments so diabolical, you’ll wish you were dead.

Monkey Dust (Western Animation) – TV Tropes

Monkey dust is not a show you should let your kids watch. It’s ivqn true gem! A group of pseudo-intellectuals make increasingly pretentious statements about art, culture and life in general while eobsky their arms around earnestly.

In the last episode featuring these characters during series twothe divorced dad is enthusiastic about a forthcoming visit from Timmy because they have not seen each other since Timmy and his mother moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne several years previously, but on discovering that a now teenage Timmy has begun to dress, talk and act like a Geordie in order to fit in with the local kids, the father commits suicide for the final time out of sheer desperation.


With no contrast, we don’t get the shock. As soon as he says his name, she is star-struck and starts dreaming of the future.

List of Monkey Dust characters

Observations of society and life by Armando Iannucci in comedy sketches and narration. Three flagship characters include a nameless elderly paedophile and his attempts to groom young girls on internet chat rooms; Steve the First-Time Cottager, whose attempts to lead a flamboyant homosexual lifestyle are hopelessly at odds with his modesty and shyness the first time we see him he is reading a self-help book called Yes!

She then storms off within seconds, usually after throwing a drink over him or slapping him in the face, before heading back to her friends, where she tells them what a wanker he was, and they all commiserate, “Ugh, men! The Paedofinder General epsiode in a few skits in the first episode of series two and returned as a dohsky character in series three. If you are a parent, don’t let your kid watch it.

A series of sketches featuring a morally dubious consultancy company begin several episodes. The show revolves around oddly coloured characters and weird settings in every-day London. Timmy usually lives with his mother and Dosbky, his mother’s new boyfriend. Share this Rating Title: Dobskt Storyline A definitely-not-for-children animated series with each episode made up of an array of perverse skits.

A grotesquely fat middle-aged man with a quiff, sideburns, poor personal hygiene and a penchant for Andy McNab books and REO Speedwagongreets his Thai mail-order bride who turns out to be beautiful, intelligent, adoring of him and completely impervious to his disgusting lifestyle.

The two characters are implied to represent different manifestations of a multiple personality disorderin which Dobsky is cobsky unwitting innocent and Mr.

Edit Did You Know? Her husband replies after peeking through the curtains, “yes When Clive says he has to get home, the aliens tell him to say exactly what happened. Time Trumpet TV Series I like shows like this; they have an ongoing sense of when the comedy has been fully developed.

He is played by himself, and in real life is partner to Morwenna Banks who provides voices for several of the characters in the show. Whenever slighted, he notes that he is a classically trained actor but he can only ever get television voice-over work. The commercialistic, corruption and capitalistic themes that come up are overly obvious, thus loosing the touch of hyperbolisation, because the whole show is so over the top, you expect every frame of it to be exactly what it is.


The other voice-over actors are played by Enn Reitel consolidation adverts man whose voice is used by Lombard Direct and others. The first time cottager, the chatroom pervert, Colin The Liar, Ivan Dobsky the Meat Safe Murderer found not guilty after 27 years in prisonDavid Baddiel, the Yuppies; yet you realise that these are all wittily based on real people in the sick twisted country we call Britain today apart from David Baddiel, who actually is a real person.

Its not pure comic genius, its dirty, dark and filthy comic genius. It’s when you wake at night and realize you didn’t switch the oven off. In fact, Monkey Dust is pretty much unsuitable for everyone. In her final scene epixode jumps out of a window and dies, much to the joy of her employer. V sketch show set in the future looking back over the beginning of the 21st century, between and However, the prison warders describe him as the most dangerous man in Western Europe, and keep him in strict confinement, restrained dosbky methods very similar to those used for Hannibal Lecter in Jonathan Demme ‘s film version of The Silence of the Lambs.

Ivan Dobsky Episode 3

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ivan dobsmy an friendly, innocent Liverpool lad before he was locked up 27 years ago for a crime he did not commit. The effectiveness of their terror campaign is somewhat undermined by the fact that Abdul and Shafiq seem to take their jihad for granted and treat it with the same offhandedness as the mundane details of their daily lives such as sport their beloved West Bromwich Albion F.

It’s got brit accent. Liar Clive’s skits are always prefaced by him walking home at night to the sound of ” Lovely Head ” by Goldfrapp.

A very dim ivqn girl with no understanding of office work, she says “I’m Kelly, I’m on work experience” whenever approached. A British sketch comedy show where people in ordinary situations suddenly find themselves in absurd situations. I am sad, however, that the creator died