Most of his hosts are slutty Lebanese singers,actresses,hosts….. On 28 June Rotana released Hal Leile May 10, at It was titled Ma Bassmahlak and closely followed the traditional style of Naghmet Hob. A new Lebanese album with Najwa Karam’s special flavor in it. One of the most famous Arabic composer Melhim Baraket composed two songs from the album:

Despite her personal discontent, she had no choice but release it, bound by a contract with her production company. April 30, at 3: Following her success, Najwa studied at the Lebanese Institute of Music for four years, where she was mentored by renowned Lebanese composers, Zaki Nasif and Fouad Awad. Yes I have sir. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Soon it was generally concluded that the hand belonged to a recording artist, but there were many conflicting suggestions as to whose it was. The spread of the album, was a reason for Najwa Karam to enter the list of the most listened singers on Yotta radio in Japan, and topped the Malaysian Akshak magazine cover.

Adel Karam is a haik actor, but he failed as a late night show host. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

And so work began on her next studio album – Ma Hada La Hada. It is worth mentioning that along with the lead single “Khallini Shufak”, three other songs are receiving huge success: The bigger problem is that MTV has again and again showed its viewers that it is a Homophobic,sexist channel by allowing and supporting and even promoting such behavior to be aired over and over again.


The remaining songs are: And after 11 months, “Habibi Min”, another song from the album, was ranked number 1 on iTunes Uzbekistan. This article has multiple issues. Three months prior to the album’s official release, the song El Tahady was distributed to the Arabic radio stations. The wide success of Naghmet Hob fueled a concert tour and a number of awards for Karam, including a prize from the Lebanese Broadcasting Association for the Best Artist of May 3, at All 8 songs of the album were entered in the list of “The Hot songs” on Fazboard Iran.

InKaram’s tenth album Oyoun Qalbi became her highest selling album. The tracks Bi Hawak In your love and Shu Mghaira How you’ve changed were shot in an expensive duel video clip which was riddled with special effects.

A” — via YouTube. As her parents emphasized the need for an education and a career, Najwa attended secondary school at Jesus the Angel College and went on to earn a kara degree in Philosophy.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The new album was called Ana Ma’akon “I am with you”. Coupled with this harrowing topic, was a revolutionary new music video directed by Sa’aed el-Maroukwhich would transform modern day Beirut into a bleak and harsh wasteland in The song “Aaskah” “Falling in love” was an enormous hit, hitting number one all over the Middle East, and was also quite popular abroad.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. It was a more playful and vibrant song than most of Karam’s previous work, with a strong bass line, and a distinct oriental influence.


Najwa Karam

Its video clip aired on Rotana Music Channels, attracting a large audience through its classy styles, such hxyda the spider-webbed characteristics. The timing of the new clip was criticised in some tabloids, because it was released during the tense electoral season in Lebanonand the so-called Cedar Revolution Independence Intifada.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. April 30, at 8: The release, Maghroumehhkai Karam’s “official” transition from purely traditional Lebanese artist to the blend of traditional and contemporary Arabic that she is famous for today. The new year brought about a number of changes in Karam’s career lives.

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Stay updated via RSS. The spread of the album, was a reason for Najwa Karam to enter the list of haydda most listened singers on Yotta radio in Japan, and topped the Malaysian Akshak magazine cover.

The song was recorded three years prior in and was removed from that year’s Album, “Khallini Shoufak. The never-ending Lebanese seawon when we fail at something. For example, the song “El Helw” was heavily influenced by foreign beats and synthesised melodies. I agree that Adel uses Homophobic comments and try to be funny by making fun of gay people, this is wrong.