She is the typical rebellious, disrespectful brat from a dysfunctional family who has no respect for law, authority or her father. That’s why I’m making a review myself now. Some plot details are muffled along the way but it does not get in the way of the entertainment value. Liana Liberato is a bit better in the acting department, but her character will get annoying times. A smart, swift, confident and intelligent piece of popcorn action movie entertainment. All of these have a sense of fear and darkness about the global order that glooms down on the characters. But Ben is in disgrace with the Agency and does not have any reliable contact to recur. The plot mainly suffers from heading into familiar territory that other spy thrillers already explore without any good original ideas.

No surprise, it looks like some kind of ruthless cover-up conspiracy. Ben meets Amy and they do not go home; later Ben goes with Amy to his office and they find it completely empty. May 17, Full Review…. According to Liberato, Stolzl welcomed input and collaboration from the cast. Erased made its United States theatrical premiere on 17 May Man With a Plan.

And this is where Eckhart achieves the perfect blend within the character — his chemistry with Liana Liberato. Will you do that for me? Eckhart is an ex-CIA killer turned uber-techno geek.

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Brandt is killed by the assassin. It is a good movie that I will probably watch again. Shortly afterward, he finds his entire office building is empty and no records exist of the Kohler Company nor his employment.

Add the first question. A sharp, heart-pounding and frequently gripping edge of your seat thrill-ride that’s filled with gripping suspense and exciting action from start to finish. She was the first and last straw that broke everything.

Soon Ben discovers a huge conspiracy of Halgate Group relative to illegal arms sales to Africa with the involvement of rogue CIA agents.

And there was a bit on the details gone into assembling a briefcase bomb as well, though not as instructional for obvious reasons. Kurylenko usually halgats attention on the screen, even in entertaining B movies but here, you barely notice her.


An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both halhate termination as part of a wide-reaching international conspiracy. It all fell apart at the seams tsoon after Aaron Eckhart’s daughter made an appearance. Aaron Eckhart does not have the intensity level required for such a role, and is matched with Liana Liberato, a child actor who suffers from the terrible script. Of course, it’s well known that CIA hired guns can double up as PhD research scientists as a fallback career.

I eventually walked out. An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both for termination as part of a wide-reaching international conspiracy. So engaging are Liberato and Eckhart that I would love to see a sequel pairing up this dad and daughter team.

While it doesn’t quite have the thrills of a mlvie film, it kept me interested.

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I really like Aaron Eckhart and would love to see him in another leading role. Aug 2, Rating: It obviously changed what we were filming.

Out of the blue, a coworker abducts Ben and Amy in the bank but Ben grop him in self-defense. We never care about what’s going on, because the film never seems to.

Sign in to vote. Aaron Eckhart does well in this starring role and is ably assisted by a solid, mostly European cast which only adds authenticity to the movie.

Cyril Kengne as African Neighbor. Sasha Dominique as Doctor Antwerp.

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And having Olga Kurylenko was nothing more than a coup to have an additional recognizable name on the marquee, her role being pretty small, used to explain some romantic liaisons between Ben movid her Anna Brandt, whose loyalty gets severely questioned, and a flip-flopper when it comes to making decisions.

CIA Black Ops, you idiot.

I discovered this thriller on IMDb. The plot is unoriginal, but it did have some interesting aspects about it that didn’t completely boring. Edit Did You Know? The filmmakers tried to cover up using very Bourne techniques of fast edits and quick cuts, but it’s too obvious Eckhart is no fighter, and was found a little bit wanting in action scenes.


Both are abruptly thrust into a life and death situation with bad guys after them and the police are after them too.

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Dick Rhodes Katelijne Verbeke That’s not exactly true in real life, but it gives a certain feel to the film. With an ending that depended largely on the bad guys’ over-confidence that bordered on arrogance and ignorance, it was a tad too convenient, though one that would leave audiences cheering, as if having watched a feel good film. Was this review helpful?

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He works for the Belgian part of the company, living with his daughter in Antwerp. Eckhart has absolutely nothing to work with and seems wasted here, despite doing his best.

Amy Logan Olga Kurylenko Why would someone you work with, try to kill us? Yes, we’ve all seen movies like this before, but this is grokp tense, taut, and well-made suspense movie with very good casting.

Those that require a little more brains than brawn, highlighting his skill as a black ops engineer, was more believable. And “Erased” is powerfully made, with good claustrophobic and jittery camera-work, believable acting, and a reasonable if roughly familiar plot. For a low budget movie, I will say I enjoy the movie. The acting in Erased, though filled with a talented cast, is poor all-around.

Pretty good start to a mystery compounded by a teenage daughter who feels, not unjustly, neglected.