It may still be today in certain segments of the market. Help Forgot your password? At this point, the watch is no longer the one that was purchased. All times are GMT Originally Posted by publandlord. Is this guy assumed by his writings to be a guy , a knowledgable and well versed expert, someone whose opinion we should take heed of Our Swiss made brands really better than boutique brands, Asian brands, or various micro brands.

Last edited by justin86; February 1st, at So the snobs who think swiss is best, are ignorant to the fact of where the watch was really made. I don’t collect for other people, I don’t collect for long-term financial gain and I don’t collect because something is trendy. Quote message in reply? This is not me guessing, or speculation, but the truth From the very recent collection which models will retain value or appreciate even, maybe we will need to wait a bit more.

Forums are great for information, to share arman other watch enthusiasts, and to meet others with the same interests Bristol,United Kingdom My Photos: If you only dig Swiss, or German, or whatever that is OK too, just don’t try to convince me what you like is better than what I like If one speaks to you, I would suggest grabbing it.

I am probably a watch snob It is one of the least expensive watches certainly the least expensive Swiss brand I have purchased. I resent being pigeon holed as a watch snob. Wahch the value I look for in a watch. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

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I am starting to think I am a lone voice crying wirman in the wilderness. Yes, it’s good for a chuckle, some will believe it and take it seriously, of course Then he starts taking about his Rolex’s and B-Ling and how accurate they are, more blah, blah, blah. I am pretty new to collecting but have to admit that am only interested in swiss movements mostly eta.


The hack mechanism was gpycine defining function, but it’s not just mechanisms that are defining.

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But this has not been confirmed Glycine is not a watch brand that comes up in conversation often, and, frankly, a watch named after the genus of the soybean plant does not inspire confidence. What other people think shouldnt matter. As for the watched becoming collectibles, this was never my intent.

There was someone asking about the quality of Victorinox, on WUS a couple of days ago. Guess thats why I ‘m not to popular on most watch forums! I have a variety of watches with Swiss Japan, Russian, and Chinese movements. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. Now is Ariel Adams a pontificating buffoon – that’s a more interesting question.

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The overriding reason is that the current ETA movements are not well made and will likely not survive long enough to become collectible. The parent company of ETA, SWATCH Group, has severely limited access to repair parts outside of factory repair centers, so seeking an independent watchmaker to service the watch will be difficult, and the amount of wear that these movements will suffer as the years pass may require the replacement of unobtainable parts.

Will modern Glycines retain value The fact that Glycine makes such thin cases, which have the same or better WR as other, thicker cases, is what made me a fan a few years ago when I bought my first Combat Sub.

I can count several models which are considered from the new-er production and are pretty high in demand, some are even no-where to find; like the Eugene Meylan Automatic, Airman Double 12, Airman SST 06, Airman Sphair, Combat Golden Eye along with some clean dial entry level Combats. June 6th, These movements are manufactured with automatic machinery and largely assembled by robots.


Page 1 of 3. February 1st, 3. I’ve always enjoyed the column, it’s pretty tongue in cheek. Various Watch Forums can be quirkey towards the swiss timepieces-personally I like swiss craftsmanship, but truth be told-many “swiss” brands have asian ties.

Will modern Glycines retain value Based on what I know about modern ETA movements and the watch business in general, it is my opinion that modern Glycine watches will never be valuable collectibles. Originally Posted by Mark lowman. Enob, the hour bezel and hour hour hand are defining; Glycine was the first to introduce it.

Non of these have exclusive movements apart from some touches in the movement,whether rhodium rotors, Geneva stripes or perlage, but it’s the Glycine touch which airmzn them value. Now that the technological playing field is equal and the quality glucine worldwide is comparable it is hard to say that the Swiss Made banner is the same as it once airmab. When modern watches are in need of service, they will, in most instances, be sent to a factory service center.

Originally Posted by andrew. I like watches from all over the world While I would admit that some of the models are quite large in diameter, I also see some interesting collections that are less “significant” in stature.

AND Yea you are correct in your statement. I am only interested in watches that appeal to me at the moment style and functionhave distinctive features, are by reputable brands and will retain most of their value in the next 5 years short term.