Views Read Edit View history. Finn Wittrock, the actor who portrays Steinmark in the My All American movie, is 5’11”, making him two inches taller than his real-life counterpart. The duo met in eighth grade and was together until Freddie lost his leg. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted. Cryan, Austin, Texas October , Freddie’s fight helped prompt the United States Congress to create the National Cancer Act of , which Nixon signed into law, marking the start of the country’s “War on Cancer. The much talked about game was dubbed the “Game of the Century. In the shadow of gloom, Freddie Steinmark glowed, inspiring his national champion teammates with a strong, radiant spirit.

Surgeons needed to amputate but discovered a complication. He met Freddie that day, who he watched excel in the game despite battling debilitating leg pain. Former Longhorns in Austin. Freddie, he says, pulled him through. People get checked because of Freddie. He knew Rochester was the home of the Mayo Clinic.

The My All American true story reveals that Freddie was indeed a standout player. Reconstructive surgery on his leg came later. However, by his death, it could be presumed that he accomplished more than he did in his lifetime.

Freddie brings a fight to the game that ultimately gets him noticed–by none other than legendary University of Texas coach Darrell Royal Aaron Eckhart. A biopsy and further analysis revealed that an inch of his femur had been devoured by cancer, leaving doctors amazed that it hadn’t snapped as he’d played. August 6, Birthplace: Geoff Rice collected two singles in two at-bats there. The actual footage is shown at the end of the movie.


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Koy is a recent prostate cancer survivor. Freddie Joe was the oldest son of the Steinmark family.

Immediately after the amputation, Freddie held on to his positive attitude and told his mother that he wondered if there was any rule against one-legged kickers. Email Address Enter valid email address. A 5’9″, pound safety out of Wheat Ridge, Col. My All-American 7.

Freddie Steinmark Wife, Family, Girlfriend, Height, Cause of Death

Then they surgically removed cancerous tissue. The real Freddie Steinmark was only 5’9″ and pounds, making him physically smaller than most of his teammates.

Cryan, College Station, Texas 4: You currently have no favorite teams. Screenwriter and first-time director Angelo Pizzo specializes in underdog sports stories he wrote “Hoosiers” and “Rudy”and he imbues “My All American” with the same rah-rah sentimentality. Since leaving the industry, he has fresdie a successful career as a freelance copywriter and producer.

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It should also be noted that the role of quarterback James Street is played by his real-life son, Juston Street. Get alerted when there’s big news in Freddie’s community. A second diagnosis, months later inrevealed osteosarcoma.

The Story of Freddie Joe Steinmark

During our research into the My All American true story, we learned that the real Freddie Steinmark was a very committed Christian who went to church on a daily basis and believed in the power of prayer.

Other books, documentaries and film have been produced as per his life including the film, My All Freddiie based on the book by Jim Dent, Courage Beyond the Game: Julia Alice shared bits and pieces about the Texas steinmakr player who saved two lives with little reaction.

Success Thank you for signing up! He met Freddie that day, who he watched excel in the game despite battling debilitating leg pain. Her daughter, Mackenzie Meehan, is an actress who played a nurse in the film. Freddie Steinmark had dated his blonde-haired, blue-eyed girlfriend, Linda Wheeler, since the eighth grade when they both attended Wheat Ridge High School in Colorado. Faith, Family, Football is the exploration of a brief but full life, one that began humbly but ended on a grand stage.