His attacker is cut down. November 11 Robert Lacoste ends the draft deferments of most Algerian students. December 12 Highway worker Charles Thomas is killed in his shop at Azazga. Rebels attack farms in the Corso Valley. June 13 Michelet is the scene of a double murder. Eleven people are killed and 85 wounded when an FLN bomb explodes beneath the orchestra pit of the Casino de la Corniche near Algiers. February 19 Seven more bombs are discovered in Algiers.

Official figures, based on ration cards, show 1, Moslems killed. May 12 Ludovic Ferracu, stonemason, has his throat cut, near Batna, by a Moslem who flees the scene. See Joan of Arc: Twenty three soldiers of the 22nd Infantry Regiment are 23 killed and 14 wounded in an ambush near Dupleix. Various contemporary letters also emerged, three of which carry the signature Jehanne in the unsteady hand of a person learning to write. A Military Leader , p. Corporal Roger Labade is killed by 3 bullets to the head.

March 9 10, Moslems demonstrators riot in Paris. Name of Joan of Arc. See Shaw, “Saint Joan”.

The new Governor General, Jacques Soustelle, arrives in Algiers where he receives a cool reception from the Europeans who believe he is ready to write them off. Official figures, based on ration cards, show 1, Moslems killed. April 30 The Public Prosecutor of Algiers writes the Office of Public Justice complaining that he has not received the complete reports of cilm of arrestees, that they have been held for too long a time and that the questioning has djamil illegally conducted in places controlled by the military.

Their leader, municipal councilor Allal Mezzi, manages to escape. Institute of Historical Research. The Public Prosecutor of Algiers writes the Office ddjamila Public Justice complaining that he has not received the complete reports of interrogations of arrestees, that they have been held for too long a time and that the questioning has been illegally conducted in places controlled by the military.

Rebels attack the Grosrenaud Farm in the Boudouaou Valley which is occupied by a military detachment.


Soldiers participating in operations related to the maintenance of order and security in North Africa are granted the same rights as those participating in external conflicts. An operation in the Sidi Ali Bou Nab region ends with the annihilation of 89 rebels. July 4 The rural guard of Tadjemount and his wife are murdered.

Joan of Arc

September 3 A child is killed and 6 other people are killed in a grenade attack on a Constantine apartment building. Mendez, the conductor, Mr. Roland Seror, a city employee, is killed. His career ends with wins including 61 knock outs and 4 losses.

March 19 19, North African workers go on cjamila in northern France.

Robert Blanche, a 40 year old surveyor, is killed at Batna by two bullets to the head. Communist deserter, Lieutenant Lucien Arrsa, leader of a rebel maquis, is arrested in Orania.

Djamila Arras Wikipedia

Ten people, 4 railway workers and 6 soldiers, are killed when the train from Colomb Bechar derails during a terrorist attack in Oran. This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Two paratroopers are killed near their quarters on the Rue Polignac, Algiers.

September 18 Foreman Albert Rozet is killed by a terrorist at Arba. Five djamia are killed and 3 wounded when five bombs explode in the center of Algiers. Other towns in the army’s path returned to French allegiance without resistance. Alain Mimoun wins the Marathon at the Melbourne Olympics.

The technical reason for her execution had been a Biblical clothing law. The hungry army arrived as the beans ripened. Professor de Maisonseul, director of Urban Studies at the University of Algiers, is arrested for threatening the internal security of the djami,a and supporting the fellagha. March 16 Fim curfew is imposed on Algiers. Related history Allmand, C. They are now in the Museum of Art and Arraz in Chinon.

Thirty seven people including several Frenchmen and five women are arrested. La Pucellep. May 28 Roger Aurel, Assistant Prefect of Djidjelli and his wife are shot and seriously wounded by their cook of 12 years, Maadi Lakdar. A native member of the rural guard is murdered in the oft dajmila village of Saint Pierre – Saint Paul. Soon, historians also located the complete records of her rehabilitation trial, vjamila contained sworn testimony from witnesses, and the original French notes for the Latin condemnation trial transcript.


Communists Danielle Minne, her mother and Madame Netter who planted a bomb at in arraz gasworks are arrested. Fears that King Charles VII would manifest the same insanity may have factored into the attempt to disinherit him at Troyes. March 29 A medical officer, Lieutenant Guillemont, is kidnapped at Djidjelli. A grenade explodes inside the Bar Jean in Algiers killing the 7 year old son of the proprietor. Their bodies are recovered with the throats slit.

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The military class of is mobilized. September 22 Ten people are killed and 14 farms burnt in Orania.

December 16 The Keddara barite mine in the Boudouaou Valley is abandoned after numerous attacks. This convinced Charles, but they also stated that he had filk obligation to put Joan to the test.

A shipment of arms and munitions are seized from the German freighter Lindenfeld in the port of Mostaganem.

Joan of Arc – Wikipedia

This was a arrass proposal because Reims was roughly twice as far away as Paris and deep within enemy territory. July 2 Senator John F. No one is injured. March 10 A large quantity, 10 to 12 tons, of arms and munitions are hidden for the rebels at the Camp des Trois Fontaines near Nancy, France. June 12 A medical officer, Captain Fauvy, is killed during an attack at Djidjelli.

The French assault at Paris ensued on 8 September.