It was written k the Saka year 17 14, u. AE The genealogy of the author is thus given m Peterson’s extract. Nyayavantikaftitparyyatlka, by Yacagpati MiSra, p. S Name wrongly i-mwed in my previous lists us Bitodcva. HS2 W, ii- iTun the [ rail mun- queue lii. This accords better with the subsequent date, , of a MS.

Onor’ use, mentioned in page 42, No. Nidanum, p, 70, No. It was copied in K. Tins is a tantrn or- ncr worship. Appearance, irotih, Froac iwnl vum, , lo V! Extoni, 1,, f Iotas. The author was asked by his disciples at Jalandar i. The MS, has leaves tuning in lee middle.

I G i rv,7 iiavi-rldhn v i krmua. N afcsatra snanad hya y a. Naval utt valoka, p. VI records him as tins founder movle lUtipur, Plate, tig 3 B, last boa.

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Vlra moans one who has attained m. The father of the author was Aearya Jfianajuiii, probably a Buddhist minister. The present pedmdeaf MB. S Name wrongly i-mwed in my previous lists us Bitodcva. IJtttacarifca, pp, 12 and 09, Nos. NalyasSstra, p,No. Though labelled as fayu in the Durbar Library it is really a commentary ou Tattvatuptamatii. Then will King Dliarnurat start an era which will remain in force for years. We mar moie hit: The author is said to have boon a student.


Folia,Lines, G on n page. History of Nopal mt wrmwlmy Kingdom C to find that one of them JayabMma in fully ate ted by a dated MB; so that again tlio new emoiucle and tlio newly-discovered Arl, 1 confirm one another. Oy 1 la ;lh a, who was a favourite both of the Kmg ami the Norn, Pi’apaficasiiMl antra, pp.

These are from tho chapter-on Krfc. Dharraatatt v a praka Sapage IP2, No.

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Tim hint is incomplete towards the end, and the second was copied m N. The first contains the Fifth Book only in Maithila character, copied in La. Ir, see, ms t. The fifth is in Newari liv character copied ui N’,8. The drl is in Maithila character. It is complete in 24 ailhyayas, tho last chapter lining on poisons. One of them, vk, the second, has a, commentary down to the end of the second chapter. Jt treats of Krama or grada- tion, so rsl insisted upon hi the KuiShka.

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Lintt, 6 on a jwge. It rojilaun’ tlr Santipmva only o[ the MahabharAtu. The earliest dateN. Extent, 1, y I okas. Leaves are not in cider.

Hj-H’ij olm tmu of Uutiramwlevh 4 Fol. The MS, has leaves tuning in lee middle. Me says his work is beyond computation.


Nftda is said to be the messenger of Cupid and takes tire place of the fifth Upavoda. Kubjihamata, one in Gupta and ‘ the other in NYwari character, The former, 1 thought, was copied m the sixth century, but U may bo a century later. The author is entitled ,ovie Siromani and was the son of KrsnSnanda. Hx 1 indict Folia, Bee now note 8 to table below, p, a? The MS, is dated N.


It is copied in Newari character and the date is NX A. Report, page 9″ TMT work is nearly complete, the first leaf only is missing, the lirst leaf ak given in his MS. Thin reign commenced not later than A 1. Detailed description of some of the rare Palm-leaf MSS.

The interlocu- tors are SanaL-kumSra and kokapitanialm, It treats of con- secration of Visnu images and of Visnu temples, the nature of Visnu.