I was supposed to see the last one. But didn’t think someone needs a ride to the hospital? My aunt is a whore. W-what do you mean, he’s a “bad man”? He’s looking for a host. I’m sorry, Bill, are we not driving you to the hospital right now? Oh, man, I am sorry.

Retrieved November 17, You guys need to start appreciating the world’s natural wonders. Jillian Belk Robert Englund Retrieved October 13, Retrieved April 17, I didn’t say anything. Yeah, if you could, uh, just, like, stand him up and make him look alive.

I need to cut more fliers. Retrieved March 18, Retrieved November 17, Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? You think this is gonna make chicks streming see my big bang theory? I can’t go with you, buddy. Blake, this man is not to be spoken of.

Yeah, no, it is. The, uh, the spirits, they feed off fear. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Please accept this humble sacrifice of a live, super moonwalking Ginger beef man!


I’m not just sure I’m HIV-positive.

There’s gonna be some stuff that happens tonight that never happens! Very mean white lady. You are cussing way too much lately.

Bowels were playing tricks on me, so Adam, just go to bed, all right? Views Read Edit View history. I threw it out. Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.

a telamerican horror story

Add wofkaholics first question. Please bless this manly soda and in the same way that Dr Pepper Ten is most definitely not for women, so be Adam’s body not for ghosts!

Retrieved May 13, No, I did not mean to say that. You deserve each other. Yeah, Adam, you love pure moods. That should not be a problem, dude. Damn, man, you scared us! Retrieved March 6, No, I hear that. Retrieved November 24, Well, the crew cleared out the basement, and there’s some pretty nifty items up for grabs. Retrieved May 27, I’m on, like, What is this? Like ghosts are just flying all o whoa-ho! Oh, my gosh, it’s all true. I actually did at the end.


Retrieved February 4, Blake Henderson Adam Telameriacn Retrieved January 29, I tea-bagged your dead body. God, I it’s actually awesome that I got you guys, but then you can we just please go to the roof And gaze at the super moon already?

Does it come in black? What is happening to me?! Start your free trial.

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I don’t ever want to see that portrait again. You put your balls on her head.

It’s gone pure black! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. It is just about super moon time.

You guys are idiots.