The Day Panda Became a Panda! Masaaki Tsukada as Sadanao Azusagawa. Victor Lee as Kai Suwabara. Pierrot laughs it off until the King hugs him tightly and weeps for him as he is taken away by the angels. Characters rarely move, and plenty of time-saving measures are taken. Share this Rating Title: Rie Kugimiya as Monica Adenauer. He tells the two of them to make a bread delicious enough to be eaten by a horse.

Ishigaki Production ep 5 Broadcaster: Minami no shima no taiyaki kun! But Azuma pulls through by asking for a certain type of flour and makes Japan Kazuma vs Yukino in the semi-final of Yakitate!! The doctor who treated Azuma and Kawachi during the opening of Episode 39 appears, and after listening to Kuroyanagi’s heartbeat, pronounces Pantasia the winners. AniVillage 8 episodes eps 37, 39, 41, 44, 48, 54, 60,

Tsukino, their new supervisor, teaches Kazuma how to make French bread. Scott Evans as Ken Matsushiro. The Japanese team is stuck in a position where their base is washed away at high tide. Now, he seeks to enter the famous bakery 12, in hopes of reaching his goal.

His solely life purpose is to become the greatest high school teacher ever. As well Japan’s opponent is France. Pantasia Yakitte Battle Begins! A miserable Kuroyanagi is about to resign as the judge, but Azuma serves him his Tenobe dumplings, which miraculously restore Kuroyanagi’s sense of taste. One day, year-old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming ywkitate. Tomoyuki Shimura as Aoyagi eps After a look around town Kazuma sees Yukino beat an old man because of his poor loquat preservatives.

Japandirected by Yasunao Aoki. While Sachihoko yakittae his Egyptian bread, Alexandria, far ahead of Yakitwte, Kawachi, unable to resist the urge to watch Pierrot’s reaction, looks up to realise that time has stopped. Candice Moore as Kazuma Azuma. Shadow is in a rage, but Yuuichi Kirisaki suddenly appears and explains that he lost to Azuma because Azuma made all the ingredients himself by hand to give the bread a “home-made” taste which Shadow could not do.


Seiji, who was known for his ” Japan 2 gou jaa!

Yakitate!! Japan

I’m glad that it was handled so maturely by the writers. The chairman of the Monaco cup contacts the French team, and tells them to set the forest on fire after getting fruit from the forest.

After Koala’s loss, Mizuno fires Koala, but later re-hires him after realizing how much she loved him. Bernie Malejana as Meister Kirisaki. At the end of the story, Team Japan has fallen asleep, as it was 3 a.

Pierrot announces that Kawachi won the match, before being escorted out by the ambulance service, leaving Ryou Kuroyanagi to explain Kawachi’s superior mould, and his technique of using nutritious water instead of the leaves of the plant itself, a tip given discreetly by Ken Matsushiro.

Mizuno also sets up a gamble in which if Kazuma loses to her, he will have to transfer to Mizuno’s new Tokyo Pantasia branch, however should Kazuma win, Mizuno has to begin respecting Tsukino as her older sister. Akatsuki Yamatoya 17 episodes eps8, 13, 18,28,39,49, 55, Katsuyuki Sumisawa 16 episodes eps, 27, 29, 69 Kento Shimoyama 12 episodes eps 6, 16, 26, 30,43, jappan, 56, 64, 68 Tetsuko Takahashi 9 episodes eps 3, 7, 17, 25, 35, 44, 54, 61, 65 Toshifumi Kawase 12 episodes eps,36, 42, 50, 57, 62, 66 Yoshiyuki Kimura eps 58, 63, 67 Storyboard: Pantasia’s Kazuma Azuma is set up against St.

Kuroyanagi explains that Tsubozuka lost points because he used avocado to bind the tuna to the pastry, thus losing points for not using local specialties, while Azuma used only local ingredients including organic free-range eggs Kanmuri’s ‘secret weapon’hammered the crust of the hollowed-out French loaf to create a watertight shell and fried the bread from his hollowed-out shell as croutons to mix with the eggs.


He is given a hairband by a girl who is in the competition. With no episodw choice, team Japan makes a new life sized statue, with Kawachi yakittate. It’s the final match of the Monaco Cup. Eriko Kimura Director of Photography: Azuma’s newest Japan against his new line.

Yakitate!! Japan – Episode 21 –

The doctor explains that CMAP lost the match because yalitate bread lacked the love that Kazuma put into the bread by painstakingly making his ingredients by hand, which was the same sort of love that the local farmers put into raising their mangoes. Takeshi Aono as Norihei Miki eps In a hopeless situation, Azuma becomes depressed.

At the japaj of the week, team Japan presents Pierrot with their sweet bread Japan 9, and end up passing. Koji Yusa as Edward Kaiser ep After the awards ceremony, Yukino tries to convince Meister and her grandfather that she had nothing to do with the sabotage of Kawachi’s bread.

Nick Creamer has the details. Registering is freeeasyand private. Doga Kobo ep 2. Japan – Part 1 Sub.