If there are more functions and data sets than the styles given, the styles will be repeated. The gnuplot command to set the terminal type for the dumb terminal. The three functions fx , fy , fz must depend only on those 3 variables, and will give the corresponding x, y and z coordinates that should be plotted. A plot can also be defined in the discrete or parametric forms. The default color codes are: If the geomview program is not found unless you give its complete path or if you want to try a different version of it, you may change the value of this variable.

In most cases, there exist a corresponding plotting option that will produce a similar result and whose use is more recommended than the gnuplot specific option. The maximum number of iterations is set by the option iterations. When using gnuplot, the colors could be: This option is used to save the plots created by plot2d or plot3d into a Postscript file. You can also quote a symbol to prevent evaluation: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. In some cases the, the assigned value is a list, which may comprise several items.

The size of the plot has been adjusted with the x and y options, to make the circle look round and not deformed as an ellipse.

Geomview, a Motif based interactive 3D viewing program for Unix, can also be used to display plots created by Maxima. The exceptions will be specified in the following list.

In that case, the colors of the lines will be determined by the option color. Refer to the gnuplot documentation for more details.

Plotting Definitions for Plotting Option variable: This variable stores the name of the command used to run the gnuplot program when the plot format is gnuplot. A parametric plot is defined by a list starting with the keyword parametricfollowed by two expressions or function names and a range for the parameter. The two numbers after the “lines” style option give the thickness of the line 1 point and the color 1 corresponds to blue.

If an option is present in a plot2d or plot3d call, that plo takes precedence over the discretd option. It makes the vertical axis of a 2d plot to be rendered in a logarithmic scale.


Maxima Manual: Plotting

The infinite values of z can also be avoided by choosing a grid that does not fall on any points where the function is undefined, as in the next example, which also shows how to change the palette and how to include a color bar that relates colors to values of the z variable:. Use of the z option to limit a function that goes to infinity in this case the function is minus infinity on the x and y axes ; this also shows how to plot with only lines and no shading:.

The discrete form is used to plot a set of points with given coordinates. Assigns one of the global variables for plotting. Otherwise, it defines the effective domain of the second variable that will be shown in the plot. The maximum number of iterations is set with the option iterations. In some cases the, the assigned value is a list, which may comprise several items. If true, the scales used in the 3 axes of a 3d plot will be the same. Here is the definition:.

Its default value is “geomview”. If given the name of an unknown color, black will be used instead. There are several plot options specific to gnuplot. If truewhenever plot3dmandelbrot or julia use a palette to represent different values, a box will be shown on the right, showing the corresponding between colors and values. This program can be called without any arguments, in which case it will use a default value of 9 iterations per point, a grid with dimensions set by the grid plot option default 30 by 30 and a region that extends from -2 to 2 in both axes.

8. Plotting

If there are more expressions than the number of labels given, disctete will be repeated. In previous versions this format used to be called openmath ; that old name still works as a synonym for xmaxima.

The options box and legend were also used to suppress the title and the axes box. Sign up or log in Disrete up using Google. It is included in the Maxima distribution.

Maxima Manual – Plotting

If two siscrete are given, they must have the same length; the first list will be interpreted as the x coordinates of the points to be plotted and the second list as the y coordinates.


This example also shows how to eliminate the bounding box and the legend. The z axis is then rotated around the x axis through an angle equal to elevation and then the new xy plane is rotated wwxmaxima the new z axis through an angle azimuth. Definition of a function of two-variables using a matrix.

[Maxima] Plotting discrete points

If set to truea bounding box will be drawn for the plot; if set to falseno box will be drawn. Is not necessary to manually open the pipe before plotting. Otherwise, it is saved as maxplot. If you want to create a Postscript file, you can use the option psfile instead, which will also work in Openmath, and wxmxxima the same thing with just one option.

The first wxmaaxima numbers, which must be between 0 and 1, define the hue, saturation and value of a basic color to be assigned to the minimum value of z. The example shown produces a log scale plot. By default, the expressions are plotted as a set of line plof joining adjacent points within a set of points which is either given in the discrete form, or calculated automatically from the expression given, using an algorithm that automatically adapts the steps among points using as an initial estimate of the total number of points the value set with the nticks option.

Currently, this option can only be followed by the word falseand it will pllot used to supress the box around the plot. All other options should also be lists, starting with the name of the option. There are two transformations defined by default: The keyword specifies which of the three attributes hue, saturation or value will be wx,axima according to the values of z.

A label for the vertical axis can be given with the ylabel option.

Creates a graphic representation of the Mandelbrot set. When used from the console or from other interface, the commands and data will be saved in the file maxout.