Vajda and Sauvan inaccurately divided the treatise into two: The two disputing sides met in a place named al-kathib al-ahmar the red dune , where the ordeal was to take place. His brother Ja’far named h,m Radi. For the concept of persons controlling time division in the world and its astrological connotations, see above, chap. Ramadan – Hikayat Samar – Episode 90 5 years ago. It is proven by these words that he [i.

It is the mystery of flesh and blood of which Christ told his disciples: Relying upon the literal meaning of the root jnn to conceal , the author suggests that the word “jinna in this [particular] occurrence means [a place] among them where God concealed Himself; See also Bakina, pp. And he further stated: I said to him: Thus it is a description of an ascent, degree by degree, to the interior of the divine world. The honey which comes out symbolizes the blood of the three hated usurpers. Sec also note 23, above.

Contrary to the episoxe instances cited in previous notes, where the author draws a full analogy between the elements of the Christian trinity and the NusayrT trinity, the author here presents an essentially different view. In other words, we have here an example of the contrast between a radical rational conception of negative theology theologia negativa 98 and the mystical impulse of the gnostic.

M-ama ai-mujama a al- oP inlon To khasiira this general stance the Nusayn “fidinterpretation of the act of sexual intercourse: The process applies equally to the lower triads, in which the other yatims appear. The Translation 48b In the name of God the merciful the compassionate.

Ramadan Hikayat Samar Episode 92 5 years ago. In contrast to these views, al-Nashshabl presents his mainstream position, which in fact goes even further: His friends marvel at it and inquire about its meaning and about the special day. Ramadan – Jouzour – Episode 48 mni years ago. Form and Content of the Catechism.


In its variegated symbolism the festival entails a triple division of NusayrT cosmic time: And wllada the Veil i. This question implies a distinction between these two divine entities. Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan Ep 14 5 years ago. They say that he [i. The Muslims, for their part, have generally tended to regard them as heretics, outside the Muslim fold.

On this debate khzsira S. Such elements include the consecration of bread in addition to wine in the Mass, and their connection to the cucha- ristic words ofjesus. This section is followed by a long discussion of the ethics of charity, ending with the warning that whoever does not act benevolently toward the needy will be punished by transmigration Ibid.

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Abl Talib; he is God—there is no god 277 him, the merciful, the compassionate. In geography and astronomy the terms qubbbat al-dlam and qubbat al-ard denote the geographical centre of the earth at the zenith of which the heavenly dome qubbat al-samd is found. O Ibn Harun, if you were commanded to worship the water even in the form of snow, would you obey this commandment?

The heretics have denied Allah 42 and erred a manifest error. Snir Toronto,pp. See al-MajlisT, Bihar al-anwar, vol. Know that the first among them arc the yafims of our master Salman, and they are al-Miqdad b.

This triad is that of 75 On the concept of incarnation in NujayrI doctrine, see above, chap. I – K Munazara, p.

These are the twentieth lunar house, composed of eight stars of the zodiacal constellation of Sagittarius. The role of angelology and prophetology in the theology of Kitab al-usus is also remarkable. Monnot, Line des religions el des secies Leuven,p. O Ibn Harun, when the bab arrived at the occultation of the im and its setting, it [the bab] found it [the iym] setting into the light of the ma’na. Basic Concepts in Kabbalahtranslated from the German by J. Know that the sun is the light of lights, and the direction of prayer of the people of devotion and glory.


The treatise bears no title. He was also named the day of wllada well.

Hitti Cairo,p. Khalifa al-Kalbl and our lady Umm Salama, entrusted with benefactions alluding through her sanctity to the manifestations of 72 ma’na, the ism, and the bab.

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I2 khasia A wide range of terms denoting various forms of transmigration is attested in NusayrT texts. However the verb jJLU seems to be superfluous. Scholem, Kabbalah Jerusalem,pp. It is noteworthy that two of his wives are missing from this list: However, it seems that he is opting for a type of docetic concept. In one instance the author opposes a view giving priority to the bdb over the ism, which is an indication that the status of Salman within the trinitarian hierarchy was also not unanimously agreed upon ibid.

Traditions of a Muslim Community Edinburgh,p. Eusebius of Caesarea, Dernonstratio Evangelica in Die griechischen chmtlischm Schriftsteller der ersten drei Jahrhunderte.