Beautiful Days The Fangirl Verdict. I cant wait to watch! One of those things, I guess. The writers managed to grow every one of our foursome, making the growth feel significant and yet organic. Jo to drop the honorifics with him, asking that they become hyung-dongsaeng. Their familiarity with each other is impossible to miss. I loved how the characters grew from the previous season too! I was glued to it the moment I watched the first episode of season 1.

Knowing Korea things still may change but I’m hoping not because if they continue as this season was it will be well worth it!! Episodes by LollyPip. The prosecutorial team trudges back to the office after their victory, and Jung-in now starts to wonder at a few loose ends. HeadsNo2 October 4, at 5: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Glad you enjoyed both seasons of VP, Sheela! Back in the lab, Jung-in dumps out a bag full of assorted household weaponry and displays some finesse with a switchblade, handling it expertly.

I was glued to it the moment I watched the first episode of season dramacrazh. Kudos to Lee Won Jong and the writers, for managing to not make it feel weird, even though he was usually the comical one in Season 1.

Thankfully, he remains cool in other ways. I love the awkward but cute scene between prosecutor Min and Yoo because of what Soon Bum damacrazy.


I wonder why koreandrama. Here are the links to Episode 8 raw. A chic, modern home. Time-Lapse Sequences Time-lapse sequences were still employed in Season 2, but with less frequency and regularity than Season 1.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I was pretty blown away by his wise yet sincere-sounding words. We do get some funny scenes involving Soon Bum, but they are decidedly fewer in number than Vampjre 1.

I started out mildly interested even with not feeling the characters but unfortunately it turned into active dislike after a while.

Vampire Prosecutor – 01

And yet I also agree with you, “oh no! So intriguing vampige I did a search on asiatorrents for it, and only 7 eps are listed, with no seeders.

Vampire Prosecutor 2 – Episode 4. Nelly March 1, at 3: What I really liked on the other hand was the way it shed some more light on the history, the backstory of the vamps.

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Tae-yeon finds their professional curiosity — natural, if morbid — off-putting proseecutor tells Jung-in pointedly to do a good drakacrazy investigating the murder weapon if she wants her work to keep being so interesting.

Soon-bum solves the rest of the case: If so, I’m all over it! Sweet, gruff, affectionate — and smart! His boss is taken aback: The show has now an average score of Overall, Season 2 has a much darker tone compared to Season 1.


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Thank goodness for something dark and edgy! Timescout March 2, at 3: This recap has me really wanting more. If he can be in sunlight, and do everything normal people do except eat isn’t he just sort of a superhuman who likes blood?

I know that JB wasn’t particularly impressed by the 1st ep of “Yacha”, another cable drama from some time ago, but it gets better. English subs are up, y’all! I was excited abt the show yet hesitant over the vampire part wondering if it’ll become a goof proecutor when I saw the 1st line of ur recap ‘cable has done it again!

I also appreciated that the writers tie us back to threads from Season 1.

It comes so highly recommended, after all! So happy to see a recap of this; I’m at uni so unable to watch it myself.