It doesn’t take long after getting even a minor amount of success for people to forget what the real world is like for those outside that insulated community of yesmen. I watched the season finale of Six Feet Under last night, absolutely incredible. I assume it goes downhill after series 1 as most of these tend to do? Oh, that’s not going to sound good to people who haven’t seen it.. I think i’ve still series one knocking around somewhere, might give it another go. Still, again early days, I think it could be good. If someone ain’t watched it by now that’s their problem.

Stinkmeaner needs to be in this too. Downton Abbey opened to tourists and managed by Thomas Borrow. Agreed with the bit about the characters, I struggled to like any of them. They were afterall, along with airplane, the first of their kind. Now if they just remember to sex Mika up, the show will do well. Also re-discovered the joys of Phone Shop over the weekend.

DRS on Tuesday, March 13, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me shittin’ myself.

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Jamiesfuturewife on Sunday, April 15, Claudia is stepping up seson bit, very nice. Would say the book is more about the tunnelers during WW That show would work so much better on at Luthrr Juice’s timeslot when he can be properly crude. How is it possible no one has mentioned Forest Whitaker in this thread. Last night’s epsisode of Homeland was quality, things started to really luthef for me in terms of the storyline twists being explained.


Ginginho on Tuesday, August 21, Fresh Meat was quite funny last night. Barry Scott on Tuesday, August 14, Just started watching Breaking Bad Touch is excellent too, episode 3 is downloading now and can’t wait. Sounds like I might need to add Homeland to the growing list of series I need to watch from the beginning.

Is this true, TEF? Sorry, I should have said the last episode of the first series!! I watched the first series of 15 Storeys High last night, Sean Lock is fucking brilliant. Oooh I totally forgot about Southland. Hopefully zeason was the worst one of the series. He needs the ability to be absolutely filthy for this to grow some entertainment value.

This is the link to the kickstarter page if you’d like to support it! A perfect example of their humour and brilliantly written scripts. Page 29 of I am feeling smug. Boardwalk Empire season two is impressing. Here s the episode s summary: Hard to find though as it was on shitty MTV.

Eddie Izzard seems to get better and better as an actor. I can’t stop watching Phoneshop, it’s bloody brilliant.

Matt Berry is awesome though. Freddies Ferret on Thursday, November 29, Part 2 American Dad! It’s definitely up there with the best comedies ever. Jackson’s performance drew from homage to those characters. Amazed they got the entire original cast back, especially Jason Bateman and Ron Howard, plus they’ve added a few other star appearances.

You have a legendary career behind you, including one of the best loved comic roles in generation Plus it has that really annoying puther sound clip.

lhther Bewster on Friday, October 12, I’ve seen the first 6 but not watched it in aaaagggggeeeeeessssss. HG Wells ain’t too shabby either.


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Halfway through Entourage at the moment. They have just announced a 4th season, though it will only be 15 episodes which usually means it will be the last. Warehouse 13’s newest agent, Steve Jinks, is on his first mission accompanying Pete to solve mysterious deaths related to a covert banking conference Denver.

Berniman on Monday, June 11, I’m not expecting much. ATF agent Steven Jinks, who has a gift for sensing when someone is lying. Chalk up another one for The Sopranos. Thanks for letting me know, adding to que so I can actually start it. Just started watching a documentary on Doomsday Preppers on Nat Geo there are some very paranoid people out there.

And the last episode of Game of Luthef was outstanding.

The last 2 episodes have been quality. I’ll try the book if its available on Kindle. Myka and Pete SyFy. I watched the first season of Warehouse 13 and quietly enjoyed it. But its quite the opposite isn’t it. So basically, they are guaranteeing they will make a movie if they meet the goal, it just might be a low budget, Borat-esque movie instead of a fiction film. Mind you, the BBC are on the same path now.