It shows both of the characters in their best form. I don’t care how loyal they’ve been to the family, the Crawleys really should cut the Bates out of their lives already. It’s a fundamental mistake that happens time and time again. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching that old queen Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes of West Stafford, aka The Lord Fellowes of West Stafford, flailing about with his shoddy, poorly written and often lazy pro-aristocracy hagiography the plastic mineral water bottle in one of his promotional stills isn’t the only example of historical inaccuracy in the show – it’s also riddled with linguistic howlers as well – remember when Bates, in the s, asked someone to cut him some slack? Is Allen Leech Branson gay or not? It’s a real shame a show this nice to look at is ruined by the most boring story lines on television.

Mary and her suitors and the continued maturation of Daisy are the only things that should carry over from last season. Thomas is lucky, because if he was working at Gosford Park, they would have ridiculed him to no end. That event and the aftermath pretty much blew apart what was left of the old world order in GB. Grant and divorce Robert. It went on either until thrones were overturned or the thing was abolished as The Queen did in The Duke of Cambridge comes to mind. I want to be in Thomas, quite deeply. I was impressed by the Christmas Special.

I can’t believe how amazing she looks in her normal everyday look I was just watching the episode that introduced Rose, where she fucked off to the jazz club with her married lover?

Will she have any sympathy at all for her uberbitch mom because of the divorce? R2, There are any number of geoblocker browser addons that you can use that are effortless and don’t have data caps – Hola, AnonymoX, ZenMate just to name a few. Chill r, we’re not talking high class TV here.


Nanny was the only staff that was both upstairs and down and lived in a tween world as children were seen for minutes a day.

R “The late showing of the miserable MacClaires Susan is perfect as the mother we love to hate. Then from inside Mr.

They must have new writers. The new quip we like using here UK is Lady Mary’s comment “I’m just going upstairs to take off my hat”. They may tubellus get people to watch it a second time if there is nothing else on, but it is not likely to be as big of a ratings draw as in past years.

With regard to accents and pronunciation, in his autobiography, Lord Frederick Hamilton has a very interesting paragraph on the upper class pronunciation of his youth:.

Downton Abbey link?

DA is an early 20th Century English table. Alastair pings to high heaven, despite his laudable military service.

We are at the halfway point of the series, and matters are hotting up nicely. LE cannot hold a man with fly paper and rope.

That, or Tony had a painfully small dick. The action got sort of stuck after the end of the war and hasn’t progressed much. Hugh BOneville is hot as hell. Grant and divorce Robert.

downton abbey season 2 streaming episode 6

He’d love to have Jimmy, Lord Grantham and Branson give him a few abey. Last season and this season, though, you can zeason see the writers struggling to come up with fresh ideas and so many of the plots feel totally contrived now. Why visit a DA thread when you think the show is shit, r?


I am watching the show for two characters only: How about Larry dies, the spare is the heir, makes peace with Isobel and wedding bells ring! Series 5 ended in This is what happens when the middle class storm the gates.

Downton Abbey S06E09 part 1/2

You must be one of the year olds, R because tugeplus one with any sense torrents anymore. Who does he think he is fooling?

OTOH that fatty kitchen maid got lots of play. In those days he was in such a difficult position, no privacy, if he made a pass at the wrong guy he could be beaten or fired or even jailed. Though I could not imagine a plausible reason O’Brien would have killed Green, beyond she was in London in a bad mood and decided to see if her old soap trick still packed a punch.

And Meryl Streep will do a guest turn as a charwoman in season Looks like the wedding goes forward. I would have preferred a cliffhanger with two blowjob episodes. I’m counting the days until the next House of Cards. It’s easy to get bored with the show for a while but I still enjoy watching it few times a year.

I mean he was literally the last to know about Lady Mary and Mr.