Episode 42 Episode 41 recap: The lead male characters in this drama are Kim Yushin played by Uhm Tae-woong; first appearance as an adult in Episode 9 and Bidam played by Kim Nam-gil; first appearance in Episode Sinetron Terdampar mulai 9 Maret pukul Bidam asks Mishil why she kept him away from the palace that day when she and her allies took over power. Wyol Ya said that the application diversion tactic make be just a trick. Kim Yushin arrives, and as they escape, Deokman questions him why everyone, including Lord Kim Seohyeon, wants her either captured or dead. She makes Mishil character so great.

Bidam’s death march was glorious. The soldiers, seeing the star return to heaven, rallied and defeated the rebels. Who can tell me about the ending of QSD tv series? Kim Nam Gil Main Cast. Bi Dam relaxed his grip on Yeom Jong. Seeing her determination, the King gave her the chance to prove herself worthy of the throne.

How is it that this was the first time Ggreat found out about him??? Episode 6 Episode 5 recap: I remember crying whenever her character would cry. Keep this a secret.

BIDAM in episode 62 of Queen Seondeok – video dailymotion

Warm colors, shallow depth of field, selective or differential focusing. She orders Bidam to retrieve the box. King Jinpyeong becomes optimistic about contending with Mishil after Princess Cheonmyeong tells him about her son Chunchu. Later, she prepares her contingency plans with Kim Yushin.

Deokman has grown up to be a street-smart, fearless girl who speaks several languages and does business with traders from Rome, Egypt, and India. If Bi Dam could guarantee that Queen Seon Deok that this trust would have eventually pull through, then Bi Dam would have no need to distrust that person.


Mishil and her allies escape from the palace and head towards the impregnable Daeya Fortress. Bi Dam said that although they have been surrounded, but San Tak may gerat a probable escape route easily.

Picture formats Photojournalism Al Cheon comes to report as Queen Seon Deok has anticipate that Bi Dam will be making his way here as there is report that he is seen in the nearby forest making hhe way to the camp.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. But eventually, he had his own story Princess Cheonmyeong tells Queen Maya that she has met her twin sister; she also says that her seondeokk must be hidden away to keep her safe from Mishil. My dear Hyeong Jong. My sister has err in her calculation on you Bi Dam: Nevertheless i love every moments they have for each other Deokman gives back to the people their confiscated harvest and provides them with barren land that they can cultivate with the new high-quality farm tools.

Kim Yu Shin said that it will be an honest attack there is no feign involve. Episode 10 Episode 9 recap: I can’t really rant that much, because it would probably spoil it for a lot of people that still haven’t watched it yet With the exception of ep 50 that was really powerful. After he leaves the library, he meets Mishil along the way. The largest Christian streaming website, providing Christian audio and video content online, with J.

Bi Dam tells that the people of Wyolseong will want to ends this engagement quickly. When BiDam sees this, he concludes 26 heaven is with him and firms his resolve.

Bi Dam grab Yeom Jong collar to clamed up his mouth. Upon reflection I agree with a previous poster who said it feels a little bit like East of Eden syndrome. He gives the plan to Bidam, who presents it to Deokman as his plan to save the capital. Linear perspective, lines vertical and diagonal. Thank you and credits to skara: Off-center emphasis, diagonal lines, dynamic symmetry, line of direction.


BIDAM in episode 62 of Queen Seondeok

All in all, the first sageuk or drama even I have really enjoyed in a loooong time Pity, there were several moments of brilliance but not many of them features the Queen.

Cardiac cause of syncope is usually fatal. Conveying depth through overlapping forms and background blur. Ultimately, neither could be happy and brought about their own tragic ends. Video below shows Deokman exhibiting for the first time her innate leadership. How pretty happy i am when i knew one of tv station will show QSD series. Bi Dam relaxed his grip on Yeom Jong.

With the help of Jukbang, Deokman fabricates the second part of the ancient Silla prophecy — instead of the twin birth being a curse, it signals a new, glorious phase for Silla.

Princess Cheonmyeong saves Deokman who falls off a cliff. Hopefully he will get more projects, as I’m sure Kim Nam Gil will.

Log in with Email. The subtitle for this drama doesnt explain things fully so got me a bit confused with the terms they used.