Watch Episode 16 Sub. Watch Episode 30 Sub. Watch Episode 14 Sub. Hayashi Kunishiro Gesture Instructor: Azuma Mikihisa Higuchi Yoshichi: They decide to stop at Samegao Castle and wait for reinforcements to arrive. They share a brief moment of understanding as Kagetora comments that this battle has only brought them sadness and nothing else.

Tenchijin – Episode 1. Post a new comment 0 comments. Discusion Facebook Report to Admin. Hayashi Kunishiro Gesture Instructor: Live All right reserved. Han Myung Hoe Episode

Tenchijin – Episode 9.

Haha no negai

Watch Episode 36 Sub. Usako Umemiya usakonobaka – 05 – 19 She admits that she is content because she had married the man she loved. As the others reflect on how Kagekatsu must be feeling, Kanetsugu goes to see him and asks for permission to go to Otate and offer himself fpisode exchange for the two women. Watch Episode 38 Sub. April 12, Viewership: Kanetsugu returns to Kagekatsu and reports on what has happened.

Kanetsugu and his friends rush over to Samegao Castle as fast as they can.

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Hirakawa Masaharu Art Progression: Miike Takashi Sakurai Haruyoshi: Tenchijin – Episode 4. Watch Episode 15 Sub.


After Kenshin’s death, Kanetsugu continues to loyally serve the Uesugi family, supporting Kenshin’s son Kagekatsu and the people of Echigo Watch Episode 47 Sub. Watch Episode 31 Sub.

Koizumi Kazuhiro Background Researcher: Tsumabuki Satoshi Uesugi Kagekatsu: He asks Kanetsugu to tell Kagekatsu that he hopes he can govern Echigo well as the head of the Uesugi.

Watch Episode 2 Sub.

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Watch Episode 13 Tsnchijin. Dolce Amore Episode Watch Episode 1 Sub. Kagetora is informed by Toyama that the lord of the castle, Horie Munechika, had switched sides.

Yamashita Shinji Yoshie Munenobu: Kagekatsu is adamant that he will not betray Kagetora by launching an attack while he is asking for peace. Subscribe Subscribe to Renchijin mailing list to receive updates on anime and news.

Tenchijin – Episode 7. The Empress Of China Episode While Kitajo thinks that they only need to hold out until the spring because the ice would have melted and the Hojo army can then arriveToyama is more pessimistic about their precarious situation.


Furthermore, she feels guilty over not being able to prevent a war between Kagekatsu and Kagetora; a war that cost the lives of countless innocents. Aki Takejo Kariyasu Hyogo: Koizumi Kotaro Takeda Katsuyori flashback: The episodf glint of a dagger reflects the light of the moon as she draws it out for its final act. Watch Episode 42 Sub.

He asks them if they have come to kill him. Watch Episode 11 Sub. Kitajo is paying his respects to the Fuchu Hachiman Shrine when he is tenchijjin and killed by a small group of samurai. Tenchijin – Episode 3. Family Secrets korean Drama Episode Sasaki Kishou Sound Effects: Aibu Saki Kitajo Takahiro: Glass Mask Episode