After its release in January , it went viral within days of going online, gaining a lot of attention on Tumblr and Youtube. Mik is feminine and brave where Ken is sneaky and curious. From Level Zero to Level Badass in 9: It also here where Alethrion kills the dragon in the Prologue episode. The Reward Episode Knowing the guys behind The Reward, I think a series would be an instant classic, with a unique personality all its own. This episode was made into a comic, but will become animated if voted into the series. It grands power to people who get easily tempted by desires of power, gold and fame.

Get your name on the credits and show the world that you are a part of making this happen! The last details is polished. It is so big that the world and civilizations on the other side has been forgotten. Share this project Done. We started out living together in a small flat working hard to be able to make the sequel for The Reward. Epic Wilhelm and Vito have become legendary heroes travelling the lands Make sure to learn more about the different characters before you vote through update videos and text!

We therefore want to make the production time shorter and put webisodes out more frequently. Follow the characters that are exploring and adventuring the Land of Alethrion. The Reward – Tales of Alethrion is an animated non-dialogue fantasy webseries aleghrion we follow 8 different character teams in the world of Alethrion.

Amerath travels the land to become a fair heroine of justice. Our big goal is to be able to make new webisodes after the Kickstarter funded episodes have been released in See Coming Soon. The X on the map is located here. Check out the FAQ.

We decided to make a much longer film than what we had originally written on the Kickstarter page. You need to login to do this. Secrets of the Dungeon videos at least once per month behind the scenes, tutorials. Elisode need your help to make the series come to life without being limited in our creativity.

In the small village of Tohan, the young boy Wilhelm is wasting his life on everyday business. It is a challenge to keep an interested audience in the waiting time of the long process of making the animated films. With a half each, episoxe are forced to travel after the treasure on an epic quest together, in hope of becoming as glorious as the hero For the video releases during the month following your pledge, episide counting the Kickstarter funded episodes and Animated Comic webisodes.


Funding period Apr 22, – May 22, 30 days. The series focuses on the fantastic adventures of a group of adventurers, most of whom were inspired or influenced by the journeys of the titular warrior Alethrion. Aletbrion first half of The Allethrion took place here and it is also here where the windmill city of Draloque high up in the mountains.

No one knows what treasure or magical artifact Alethrion placed at the X on the map, but they do believe that it is the biggest treasure ever. Ralix – Swamps with lizards, frogs, smelling dragons and witches, castles surrounded by clouds, dead woods and villains. The RewardTales Of Alethrion.

What is The Reward – Tales of Alethrion?

Either “Choose Their Path” webisodes, webcomics, or more videos, possibly alethriob, and lasting minimum 3 minutes! We have always loved interaction with our audience.

However, Alethrion’s legacy is not nearly as heroic as some of them episide, and the things that he did, for better or aleturion worse, will shape the future of their world. Tatiana is the smart one and Sylvia is the one who takes action. I love such animation and design where I can feel mixed influences.

The main characters in one storyline will be the sub characters in another one, which makes all the stories be tied together in the end. Questions about this project?

Their worst enemy is when they get jealous towards each other. Tocha – The common grounds where low leveled adventurers usually start their journeys.

Tales of Alethrion is creating animated webisodes and YouTube videos | Patreon

It grands power to people who get easily tempted by desires of power, gold and fame. Some people turn into magical and beautiful creatures if they stay for too long in the forest of inspiration.


Epic Wilhelm and Vito have become legendary heroes travelling eplsode lands This time a risk is that we might only get to make one more webisode even if we reach our goal – which would make the series just three webisodes in total. The Journey is The True Reward! Member of Alethrion’s Council: The gods who have survived are living in protected mansions drinking their tea and living sophisticated around here.

Each day we will send out a voting sheet to all the new backers by mail! Kickstarter is not a store. What is The Reward – Tales of Alethrion? This led the group, later taking the name of Sun Creature Studio, to expand aletrhion short into a full fantasy universe funded by multiple Kickstarter campaigns. The last details is polished. It has been waiting to be found and knows that it is just a matter of time before greedy adventurous will find the treasure and it.

Blenn and Jarna are forced to leave the safety of home when their lizard village is destroyed. The shorts and series, which can be found hereso far include:. They are travelling the world of Alethrion looking for artifacts.

Wilhelm picks it up, but o that another boy, Vito, has also claimed the map. Reward no longer available 1 backer. Process of Making a Webisode. Another challenge is of course to make something as awesome and high quality as the previous two films!

Mik is feminine and brave where Ken is sneaky and curious. One of the things we could not predict was that we had to push our estimated delivery. During the Kickstarter we take you alethrlon a tour through the six main areas of the map where the stories will be taking place:. Share this project Done.