Oh, here we go, baby. I have a certificate, so Not a sex doll. Hey, you know, I’m just here talking and Why the fuck are there no Reese’s pieces? As your newly appointed leader, our first order Wait guys, don’t leave yet. Jessie Hudson, better known as the snazzy dressing Telemericorp co-worker with a perm on Workaholics passed away at age 59 shortly after the filming of Season 3. I mean, why would she send me to that leadership conference to see Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger speak?

Get off my back about it, Ders, I washed her. Be a cold-blooded robot, Jillian. Kind of like how I like my men. That stands for rest, ice, coffee, explosion. Okay, so everyone has a pair of pajamas at their desks so we’ll just fit this in at lunch. I guess this is it.

You should fire some other dummy. Of the three main characters, Anders is always the voice of reason. I ain’t going out like no bitch, you bitch. For each episode there is typically one lesser character that becomes involved with the main characters. Please don’t do any more stuff. Oh, you’re getting laid with that thing.

We’ll put some red pants on this situation. What if you pop one of her things? The three write the majority of the show I wrote more about this in an earlier post.


Yes, my password is: First of all, you can’t just be firing people, Jillian. This site uses cookies. Let’s go, come on. How bad is it?

As I mentioned earlier, Adam and Blake are upset with Anders because he got their weed dealer arrested. He only becomes friends with them after Blake and Adam get him kicked off the swim team and get him drunk.

take it sleazy

That’s an American word, right? Jillian’s not in charge. Waymond, you stay right there. Okay, sweetie, I want you to just smile, be calm, and just say it.

Jet I, stop it!

Hey, Blake, be honest. However, Workaholics is much raunchier comedy than Seinfeld, as it includes drug references and party scenes whereas Jerry and is friends appear to live a more PG lifestyle. Because he’s trying to save this country.

What the hell does any of that even mean? I mean give me the list, and I’ll Schindler those fools right now. Waymond only eats gummy worms. You must log in or sign up to reply takee. What of we do like a little scrimmage? Hey, listen, these these onesies. In this particular episode, a child molestor named Topher stars alongside the main characters.


In the episode where the guys first meet in college, Anders is on the swim team and is the RA of the two bone heads Blake and Adam. Yes, she’s a horrible leader.

Posted in Uncategorized 5 Comments. Wait, we haven’t figured out the pajama thing. I think that everyone enjoys watching sows that the can relate to and I find this east to do with both Seinfeld and Workaholics. You said we were turning in the onesies ’cause the photo was cancelled You lied to us.

Okay, you know what, I’m done. You know, short, tall and stiff.

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So I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to clean out your desk. Just please worry about yourself, please. Four of you are getting the chop.