Finding that the liquid in the gadget has dried up, Rintaro provokes Nakabachi into stabbing him, leading him to run off in fear with Kurisu’s theory. After being sent to just before the time leap machine’s completion, Rintaro manages to obtain Kurisu’s aid before they are both approached by Suzuha. Archived from the original on March 11, Full Cast and Crew. Rintaro discovers that a CRT television in the electronics shop below the lab has been serving as the “lifter” from the PhoneWave, as the D-Mails can only be sent when it is turned on. Extra voice Ashly Burch However, Rintaro, still disturbed by the threatening texts he has received, decides against using the device, suggesting they instead make their discoveries public. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

Two months after the main storyline, Rintaro, Daru, Mayuri, and Luka are invited by Faris to come to Los Angeles, where she will participate in a Rai-Net tournament, reuniting with Kurisu upon their arrival. February 5 – 11 Anime Releases Cardcaptor Sakura: While out doing his laundry, Rintaro runs into Kurisu, who is still in denial about a time machine existing and tells her about the IBN Rintaro starts by trying to figure out how to reverse Faris’s D-Mail. As the repairs to the time machine are completed, Mayuri deduces from the time machine’s name that Suzuha’s father is actually Daru. Egoistic Poriomania 22 Feb 8. Surprised to find Kurisu alive, Rintaro is subsequently humiliated by her during a lecture concerning the unlikeliness of time travel.

After Daru updates the Phone Microwave’s firmware, Rintaro decides to perform an experiment attempting to change history by sending winning lottery numbers to the past.

Wanting to save Kurisu, Rintaro travels to the past with Suzuha in her time machine, arriving prior to Kurisu’s death. Ranked Popularity MembersHeaven’s Feel – I. Mar 25, Kurisu deduces that the gelatinous state is the result of matter being squeezed at a molecular level whilst passing through the micro black hole.

Despite Kurisu and Daru’s advice on dating, Rintaro and Luka spend their date together in awkward conversation. Later, Daru informs the group that the lab has been connected to the SERN network without them knowing.

Left in despair over being unable to save Kurisu, Rintaro discards his mad scientist persona and starts living as an ordinary university student. One volume will be released each mon After learning from Faris’s father that they no longer have the IBN in their possession, Rintaro discovers that the physical geography of Akihabara has completely changed, no longer being a mecca for anime culture.

When Kurisu tells Rintaro that he should save Mayuri over her, he cannot accept it and runs back to the lab. An animated film sequel, Steins;Gate: DeadIEnd All reviews people found this review helpful.


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They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Steiins a short reunion, Suzuha travels back tothough Rintaro notices the Divergence Meter’s reading has not changed. Arriving at Moeka’s apartment only to learn that she committed suicide, Rintaro leaps to an earlier time, finding Oukoybakko to be a nervous wreck due to not having been contacted by a person known as FB, who had given her the orders to find the IBN Just after erasing the data, Kurisu returns to the lab to tell him that she loves him, but is cut off as Rintaro shifts back to the Beta World Line.

Dubbing the messages they send to the past as “D-Mails”, the group conduct further experiments, deducing the rules and limitations of sending D-Mails. Afterwards, as Rintaro and Daru go to a forum being held, Rintaro discovers the e-mail he sent Daru about Kurisu’s stabbing had arrived five days earlier, before coming across Kurisu, who is alive and well.

Archived from the original on August 10, Itaru Hashida voice Yukari Tamura Not eisode to move to a World Line where Kurisu dies, Rintaro decides against the hacking. Comments containing just links with no text will usually be removed, unless they’re an answer to another comment.

Steins;Gate: Egoistic Poriomania

Audible Download Audio Books. Season 1 Episode Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.

Blaming himself for stopping Suzuha on the night of the storm that damaged the time machine, Rintaro sends a D-Mail that stops him from following Ojkoubakko, letting her use the time machine before it was damaged, but making her forget meeting her father. After knocking Kurisu out with a taser, Rintaro uses his own blood from his stab wound to recreate the scene he originally saw, fooling his past self and sending him oukoubakk his time-hopping journey.

After visiting the card tournament Faris had entered, Rintaro spots someone that looks like Suzuha and chases after her, having a conversation in which she mentions that a fortune teller had noo her having a child in seven years. Suzuha Amane voice Haruko Momoi CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Episode lists with row deviations.

A series of short original net animation episodes, titled Steins;Gate: The rival gang catches up to them, but they are epieode by the episodw of Faris’s father. As Rintaro returns to the present, Suzuha gives her thanks before she disappears, as she does not exist yet in the Steins Gate world line. Klaun All reviews people found this review helpful. Rintaro tells Luka about how she used to be a male and urges her to reverse the D-Mail responsible in order to change Mayuri’s fate.


After Rintaro comes back from his failed attempt to save Kurisu, Mayuri comforts him, feeling that oukoubakio burden of changing the future is too much for one person to take. Enter your username or email to reset password. Too afraid to tell Kurisu the reason behind his change of plans, Rintaro accompanies Mayuri to a comic market, trying to think of a way he can save her without sacrificing Kurisu.

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Egoistic Poriomania 22 Feb Watch the last 10 seconds, and you will get that. After he leaps back in time, Kurisu has Rintaro reveal to her that she dies in the Beta world line. He is eventually found by Kurisu, who becomes stranded with him after her car oukoubakk found to be out of gas. Upon sending the D-Mail, he experiences a sensation similar to the one he had before the satellite crash.

While waiting to be rescued, the two discuss about the World Line where they confessed their love for each other, leading Rintaro to make his confession once again.

Rintaro Okabe voice Oukoubako Imai Before sending the D-Mail that would negate Luka’s first one, Rintaro realizes that the reason they did not enjoy their date was that he was trying to be someone he was not. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes. Yes No Report this.

There, they meet up with an old colleague: Archived from the original on March 11, After being sent to just before the time leap machine’s completion, Rintaro manages to obtain Kurisu’s aid before they are both approached by Suzuha. After ho that the IBN had been previously taken from Luka’s shrine, Poriomaia finds Moeka in town and confronts her, only to learn that she does not know the whereabouts of the IBN either.

While she initially doesn’t believe him, she later agrees to do so on the condition that Rintaro takes her on a date.