Before Joon-ki leaves, Yul gives one last piece of advice, telling Joon-ki not to let the person by his side grow lonely. And Najung smiling through her tears was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t like how the writers made Bingeure’s love interest a mystery and it literally annoyed me. I am happy for Najung and Oppa. PNY is the first and still legal wife of KY, and the biological mother of the children. Posted by ima Labels: About all she did was ogle him when he was bare chest in front of her and people check other people out without wanting to be with them all the time.

KDaddict February 5, at 7: I’m guessing she kept in contact with the kids and that they would have been told she needed space cos her dad died. CB got a chunk of episodes, it’s just we never saw him doing anything but pursuing najung and playing baseball. Your comment made me wonder at your age because no sensible grown up would have made such a lousy comment!! They can use a different user name and write their comment in the comment section just like us, though. But, when given so many advice from people who knows her love for the PM and can see how she is not being her true self, I start to wear my life jacket, ready to jump off the ship.

There were so many times Kotea wished Yul would have just grabbed her and hugged her the last few episodes, just to remind her about what he said about not letting go. I felt strangely comfortable with the ending You can see it affected him way more than it did for najeong to miss her birthday.

It’s unfair that presence of cute young male leads affects the ratings more than the story does. It gave me the same warm and fuzzies as Mary Poppins or Sound of Music. I desperately wish for the writers to make him move on and be happy.

Garbage gets simultaneously nervous and defensive, and lands on the hiers thing keeping her from blowing her lid: Did they leave CB out in the running because of the actor’s movie commitments? And I think I’m going to scream if I have to suffer through another whose long-story-short endings involves a heroine that goes away for a year of “healing and reflection”. August February 5, at 7: Hak Chan did the same thing to Yoo Jung in ’97!


She was so afraid he was going episofe say, “Let’s break up,” as was I. I think I like as a whole more at this rate. Like what gummimochi wrote Da-jung formally introduces herself and requests an interview with the presidential candidate for her upcoming book entitled—wait for it— Prime Minister and I.

Like you, most people are interpreting the story and creating fanfic, either in their head or online, to make up for what the story lacked.


Her contract marriage was never revealed to the public, so they could have just carried on where they left off. I honestly think it was a wrong move for the writers to make Oppa and NJ to date so early because I dont know what the conflict is.

With chilbong, I think what the author is trying to teach us is that, sometimes in life, no matter how hard you try, you won’t win. Aaagh I want chilbongie back. Writers please, this was one of the most bitter endings Dramaa seen and the sad part wpisode I loved the show, faults and all, but this finale took away some of that enjoyment.

And then the big kiss–or Da-Jung pregnant last scene. I got my character names mixed up, please forgive me. I don’t like having to twist my thinking into a logic pretzel in order to accommodate a story that’s lost focus, or worse, seems have been emotionally abandoned by its writers.

The focus on Binggeurae these two episodes showed that each of the characters will get their own focus. Adal February 5, at Because what other purpose would you have for an extra hour besides fanservice for the viewers, right? The writers never really allowed Da Jung and the PM to have a true dating story, they were always interrupted by his stubbornness, foolish political scenarios, In Ho’s revenge plot.

This does not, however, mean that CB had an equal chance to win NJ’s heart. She drinks to avoid answering, and Binggeure smiles to himself.

July 23, at I would hate myself for loyaly watching this drama if the scenes from and the reactions from oppa, nj and cb were all not relevant to the scene but just to screw us with this unnecessary suspense. I have been around for over five decades, and I’ve seen a lot of relationships come and go, and the only thing fear does is poison vrama relationship with doubts and game-playing. The heartfelt moments don’t feel so natural and organic anymore. I was hoping that he would die understanding that NDJ is happy with prime minister and he is going to protect her.


Even though this is better than Mi Rae’s Choice as far as giving us better hope for happy ending So just keep that status.

I wish he had died truly believing that the OTP was in love. A small cloud of hope but hope nonetheless.

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I was hoping to see how the dynamics of this blended family would play out. Also I guess there would need to be time for the divorce and everything to do go through so it makes sense that she took a break. I knew things weren’t turning out well when the final episode still had conflicts to sort out. Not only were words omitted but the English idioms and metaphors were mixed and the grammar was poor – but that applies to the title too.

The ending went out with a whimper instead of a bang! I do hope to see more insight on his feelings, perhaps a series of flashbacks where we can see things through his point of view? I really think the is is a case of the writers saying “Hey, did you here the rumor going around about Bing and Junhee? I’m hoping for Chilbong and the baseball girl. Gave me some romcom flashbacks. I don’t care that she isn’t with CB, that’s fine.

Also – her going on a trip was nice – but I don’t like that. I was saying that he does have an arrogant side and seems to think of NJ, at least in part, as an object. I don’t know much about the new crop starting up, if that’s what you are looking for, but Sweet 18 and Bad Family are great! He writes a letter to Da-jung in her diary later that night. Or some sort of other spazzworthy romantic gesture, like a deep hug or something.