I also didn’t like HJW’s character. Fitri Iphiet August 19, at 2: I couldnt even bare to read the recaps of this show but you had to watch it Carefully to write these recaps! One thing that I felt lacking in the few episodes that I watched, was the emotions. She studies under Im Baek-moo, one of the best court dancers in the kingdom and a harsh and manipulative teacher. And more importantly, it remained consistent in every aspect. Quick cut to Hana doing well at work, and then to Dae-bok drawing a webtoon version of Assistant Hong at her request.

I quit this remake after the first week but some things I noticed in the first two weeks that annoyed me were. I can climb a heart’s walls better than Eun-ho. A guy never showing any sort of interest whether purely sexual or romantic in any other person and just self-sacrificially worshipping one individual If you were avoiding dramabeans because you knew the comments would have been negative, that means you knew deep inside that this was just a horrible drama. Oh my gosh yess! Won stops her from leaving by enveloping her in a bear hug that succeeds in getting them back on the couch.

But, if there was ever an opportunity to show that a character grew up just a little bit as a result of a life changing event, this would be the one. But the author brings up legitimate points and flaws that even you agree with.

But JinYi didn’t take that in consideration. It’s based on the folk lore belief that, if you praise the beauty of the baby too much, some fairies will take it away. AP August 19, at 8: Hwang Jin Yi adalah seorang anak tidak sah dari seorang bangsawan sinopsia Heon Keum, gisaeng musisi yang terkenal.

And yet, when she finally finds love again and seems genuinely happy, she throws it away to protect him. I could read your frustration draja the drama several times and wondered sinosis often you pulled out your hair. I cried with her during the heartbreaking scenes, laugh with dfama in those goofy comedic shtick she had, feel all giddy during those heart fluttering moments and fell in love along with her when she finally found Mr. Sorry if I hurt your feeling.


Hope can see him in another good project, he does have potential to be good actor. So it looked like an inexplicable failure to move forward on Won’s part, instead of a function of Hana’s prickly manner and behavior towards Won that always kept him at arms length.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

I love Dramabeans sassy recaps. And can we talk about that kiss. I think you could just replace the character name and drama title, and that comment could be about any drama Ha Ji Won ever starred in. Won stops her from leaving by enveloping her in a bear hug that succeeds in getting them back on the couch.

How unrealistic can you get? Good job Heads, I couldn’t bear to watch it but your recaps were probably more worthwhile anyways. Plus, who are any of us to say what “should” or “should not” be in a recap or in any post of Dramabeans.

She makes the role alive. Hope both the actor who I love, but forgot his name I agree with what is being said most of the time, but don’t agree with how it is being said They provide a completely free service which you have every right not to use.

Jin Yi knew that they could not keep running away from their dreams to pursue love – not only was it against “fate,” it was also against their nature as an artist and someone who loved the people. Petmink August 19, at Thank goodness LJW was trying his little heart out, or there would’ve been absolutely no chemistry left. That’s a good question. My ovaries almost exploded at the sight of her. Well done to the rest of the cast. Fearing that her young daughter will follow in her footsteps and determined that she should become more than a mere plaything for men, Hyun Geum sends Jini to a remote mountain temple to be cared for by an old monk.

It seems like this version missed that completely I bet you we’ll get seriously angry if Twenty Again fails to deliver! Now I have to watch the original, I’m so curious about an alternate reality where this story was good after episode 4!


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Sinpsis takes a lot for a person to stick with a bad drama til the sinopsks. I prefer to watch, form my own opinions, then check the recap for additional insight. He turns around so he can hold her in his arms instead, which turns into them falling onto the couch giggling and kissing… until Mi-hyang walks in. Read the comments, Anonymous. First definitely Hana, it felt to me like they had gutted the awesomeness that was Chen You Qing and gave us a weak unsuccessful disrespected Hana.

It’s over, and we’ll just move on. This version chose to overcomplicate dpisode story that was intentionally kept bare for its realistic portrayal of friendship and love, and the emotions which come about as a result of missed timing and other factors. Hana’s outfits were stunning! It’s not cute cuz it leads to no character or plot development whatsoever besides us finding So Eun actually likeable, and that doesn’t matter since she no longer exists in the plot.

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It seemed like someone was stuck on the idea of a cutesy stuck in time vibe, and I suspect it was not the actors. In a relentlessly class-based society, Hwang Jini was a woman ahead of her time, who pursued art relentlessly and saw life in beautiful colors.

Please strive to do better. Amen to that sista. Again, I liked the series Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: One thing that I felt lacking in the few episodes that I watched, was the emotions.

Must say though, he was more likable the second time around.