A twist to the SG09 is the accessibility to the inside. With all the sides removed the inside is about as open as you can get with a case this small. Ona more positive note, the SG09 stands less than a foot tall but the accommodations inside aren’t too different from a larger case using a more traditional layout. Additionally, while the maximum length for PSUs is 7. It’s true you can probably install power supplies from other vendors, but it’s also clear that SilverStone designed the SG09 to go with their Strider modular power supplies, as they also sell a collection of short modular cables to use with their own power supplies that are supposed to make assembly cleaner and easier. SPCR is optimized for viewing at x screen size. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Truly excellent case for small form factors Pros: Log in Don’t have an account?

With the power supply mounted at the top-front of the case you can have your pick of air CPU coolers and video cards. Remember that lone vented area on the right side panel? Subscribe to our Newsletter. The issue with this on paper is that the conventional layout won’t allow for such things to work out very well. Below we have a shot of the mm rear fan and the mm Air Penetrator fan we talked about earlier. SilverStone’s Sugo line started off as a series of stylish but compact microATX cases, with the first two models emulating the shoebox design popularized by Shuttle before moving onto more traditional towers with the third and fourth variants. Power for everything you need more However, we are not going to let any of this get in the way of reviewing this sweet looking case.

Hence I’d rather let the small ODD be wasted space, as opposed to dedicated much more of it to a full sized one. ETB Power for everything you need more I usually come to the basic conclusion that while a tad bit pricey at times, and of course it was a strong and well-built case, but I never really gave props to the engineers silverstoen what they were actually seies to accomplish with each design.

I don’t usually pop into the conclusions but I feel it worth mentioning that you could always get a USB optical drive or enclosure, as well as the option for using an eSATA to connect an optical drive eeries. Does SG09 fit in the Sugo Pack? Conclusion There are a number of things to like about the Silverstone SG09 case and the big one is its size.


Things that made the SUGO series so popular since its inception was stylish looks and a very well ventilated chassis. Power for everything you need more Designing a 23 liter chassis that can fit high-end components and cool well requires rethinking of layout that is substantially different from traditional chassis.

With traditional PSU installation, the power cord will occupy space behind the case therefore the area taken by the power cord is not part of the case measurement. I understand their preference for slot-loading slimline optical drives from an aesthetic perspective, but it increases build cost for the end user and reduces options substantially. Scythe, 1stPlayer, Reeven, Phanteks All time: That in mind, be prepared for sg009b layout that is a bit unusual, but as you install parts and usgo to use this tiny SFF chassis, you do find a better appreciation for where the money is going, and why you should have a SilverStone chassis on your desk over some other SFF chassis offerings.

SSDs are highly recommended in place of hard drives. If you want seeies add in sb09b optical drive it would have to be a slim-line slot model as this is the seriws type of drive the SG09 supports.

The goodie bag has quite a few fan accessories including adapters to replace the mm top fan with a mm model, a three-headed 3-pin to molex fan adapter, and a soft adhesive frame to create a duct suo an optional 80 x 25 mm fan on the right side and the side panel.

It’s true you can probably install sugk supplies from other vendors, but silvrestone also clear that SilverStone designed the SG09 to go with their Strider modular power supplies, as they also sell a collection of short modular cables to use with their own power supplies that are supposed to make assembly cleaner and easier.

Many will frown since there is no 5. We have reviewed several cases in the pass that are meant to serve as an enclosure for a mATX motherboard, but we have not yet reviewed one that is the size of an ITX case. This is a space SilverStone has served reasonably well for some time now with their Sugo line of enclosures, but a healthy amount of thunder was recently stolen by BitFenix’s Prodigy case. SSDs are highly recommended in place of hard drives.

It is finally here, Sugo pack is the perfect bag to protect and carry Sugo series and other type of SFF enclosures. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Please turn on JavaScript.


Silverstone Sugo SG09 Small Form Factor Tower & PA01 Sugo Pack Review | ProClockers

Speaking of selling accessories to go with their cases, SilverStone has done a fairly good job of cornering this particular market. Rebiew High resolution photos.

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If not for the logo at the front, you’d be hard pressed to recognize it as a SilverStone product. Detachable front PSU fan filter. Below is revie list of Micro-ATX motherboards that has the most fan connectors: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

See any errors on this page? Comments in forums are property of their posters. Submitted by Lawrence Lee on Mon, By slightly reducing storage capacity via relocation to motherboard backside mounting, the SG09 can accommodate two A number of side pockets with abundant rooms will help carry all sugoo one might need accompanying their systems. Below we have our SG09 ready to go in the PA However, we are not going to let any of this get in the way of reviewing silvrstone sweet looking case.

If you need a lot of data storage a couple of 3TB drives would fit nicely on the back of the motherboard.

SilverStone Sugo SG09 Case Review: Someone at SilverStone Loves Tetris

The front grill has an unusual shape and wide gaps that clash with the honeycomb vents utilized almost everywhere else. There are also spacers and a bracket to facilitate slim optical drive installation, a few cable ties, an internal USB 3.

If someone is looking to build a rig using a case like this chances are they are not looking to stuff it with a lot of hard drives. There is also a removable dust filter panel that spans all three fan openings. As of right now the SG09 only comes in black and that is no doubt fine by most of you, given many of the components that are available on the shelves to build a rig are also black.

SilverStone Sugo SG09 from the product web page. We recommend using SSD for 2. All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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