I wish a happy ending for our hero and heroine! Tae-mu starts to dash to save him, but at the last minute he hesitates. Out shoot three pairs of hands to block him. He was acting weird previously, so the red light should have gone off in her head that he’s gone psycho! You want the Buddhist theory or the story theory–the story theory would to be punished so she realizes her mistakes and resolves it. I’m going to be soo busy but yet I soo want to watch this..

And here I was starting to think that I was the only one who disliked the modern parts of this episode!! Sketching by the street is Yi Gak — er, Tae-yong in this life. Yi Gak finds resistance from the court regarding his investigation. She leaves the meeting thinking hard about the proposal, wondering whether to take it. Whatever it is, it is working for me. She spends her time embroidering beautiful designs that her sister takes credit for; Hwa-yong preens while Yi Gak heaps her with praise for her silk butterfly.

But I’m not sure. Choi Episoode Hong Supporting Cast. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Reincarnation is about souls of the dead being placed into a new body and reborn, no? I agree with all y’all and Glomp.

Such a sweet bittersweet kiss, awwwww. Javabeans May 11, at 9: So it could be that no episodf but the men on the boat saw her face. Ohhhh look out, James Bond! Thank you for the recap, off to read now: I find them too one dimensional.


pirnce That Dong Min character is the only one worth watching and of course, the plot. Although JGS looked like he was eating Yoona’s face a bit. Hi JoAnne, I checked some 30mns ago, and they were still working on it. The editing was a little weird, but overall an enjoyable episode. Out shoot three pairs of hands to block him.

We skip backward in time to childhood, when Yi Gak was asked by his father, the king, what kind of girl he would like to marry. He moves his hand under the cover before Tae-mu notices, and feigns a headache to cut this scene short. I think we are heading to josean pretty soon, maybe in the next epsiode or two. God I love him.

Se-na arrives dressed in her obligatory blacks but not the least bit sad, and wonders about the sobbing girl at the altar.

Rooftop Prince

At least a lot of things are happening. NN April 27, at 8: I… missed you all day long. She heads to her rooftop home, breathing in happily as she makes her way into the cozy, cramped home. Thanks for the recap!

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Nanako April 28, at Except they go to the pond every year. Show himself, instead of hiding like a rat. Hence why I facepalmed the whole episode.

Yi Gak laughs it off as frustrating, and Tae-mu asks how much he remembers leading up to it. Don’t forget “Me too flower” episode 6. I was cringeing the entire time on the scenes supposedly set in the US.

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Thanks, very nice one. There were some nuanced details that assured me that epjsode cast and crew know what they are doing. Mystisith March 21, at 7: DownloadRatingRooftop Prince. Hwa-yong darts a nervous look at her sister, who answers instead. Pr1ncess61 April 27, at He orders Yi Gak to bring him the cell phone containing the New York photos. I am SO curious as to whether they will be staying or going back to their own time.


I don’t know if it’s the same in Korea, but from where I came from, black cats usually signifies bad omen. Show us more about the past, whatever! If they ever go back to the Joseon era, I wonder how his interactions with those “below” him will change So Tae-mu sticks to his story that the meeting never took place.

The family corporation is run by Grandma, and both their fathers also work there. Thank you for the recap! Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast. My first thought was Love, even when love dies the memory of that love lives on. I still thank them from the bottom of my heart. Park-ha worries about the continued absence of her housemates and goes to the company to check in.