In post-Soviet Russia, agitprop trains reached even the farthest corners of the country. Its monumental construc- ion — designed to reach the height of metres — referenced, simultaneously, the Machine Age, the Eifel Tower, and the Tower of Babel. Some of the works explicitly reference Vertov and his paricular ilms, others reference the aestheics of other famous works by Russian Construcivists: The Trace of Subjecivity in ve Documentary about a Man , [in: Vertov sought to create a truly revoluionary cinema based on a montage of various scenes shot without any prior supposiions. Ater all, Vertov stressed, that:

This is a site-speciic work adapted for the needs of this exhibiion. Through the montage of given leters and corresponding images, a code was generated; a montage of various images created a new language, a statement consising of given visual codes. Kwiek implemented this method in making his ilm Niechcice — [named ater a small rural village where it was shot, trans. The formal treatments employed by Vertov and his exploraions of various possibiliies of using the camera proved a real breakthrough in thinking about moving images. An integral part of the project was a book he has writen especially for this occasion, The Locomoive of History. Similarly, for Polish arists working with the WFF, the most important element was not the plot, but rather the resuling ilm and its intrinsic structural values. Z jego kinem eksperymentuje m.

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The same month saw a revoluion in Russia that led to the beginning of Bolshevik rule. Later, he wrote a short note, saying: Manovich, Seven or even eight things we can learn from at: Ulimately, the ilm portrays the obvious failures of the Construcivist utopia that was meant to reverse the natural order and rebuild the world according to post-revoluionary values. However, it remains a source of inspiraion for contemporary painters. The plot of the ilm centres on the ar- isic invesigaion regarding the history of the train.


Castronovo, Oxfordp. It shows the image of collecive work, collecive gymnasics, silhouetes of the diverse city residents: Their itles are based on ilm terminology: Around Vertov and Constructivism.

To a great ex- tent, he was a chronicler of urban life, as evidenced in his best-known ilm, Man with a Movie Camera. As can be seen at the start and end of the ilm in a shot of a rounda- bout in the centre of Warsaw today known as Dmowski Roundaboutthe view of the city was visually quite poor at the ime.

The musical element of his ilms fascinated Charlie Chaplin, who met with Vertov at the premiere of Enthusiasm, on 17 November Wiertow — Chaplin — medialnych, Warszawas.

At the age of 10, he began to write his irst poems and science icion novels. The arist wants to recreate everything that happened during the irst recording: The photographs portray two photographers — Marcolla and a man, or rather his relecion.

In this way the runner, conjoined with the camera, became a hybrid construct, a techno-body whose performaive acions were transmited in parallel with the registered image. The work consists of three parts separated by two shots, which in the irst part are shown simultaneously on a split screen; in the second — in successive sequences; in the third — in fil, sequences.

It shows a series of so-called video-posters, Construcivist posters featuring movement and sound, which could easily have been created in the s — if only contemporary technology was available to arists at that ime. The piece is therefore an atempt to answer the important quesion: Cinemaic construcions Marlena Kudlicka presents four structures created in as part of her made of iron and celluloid project.

In realising his postulates he atempted to create a ilmic equivalent of Esperanto, a new visual language.


Russian Avant-garde wriings medialnych Images in Freedom: The operator has no power over the recording of ilm. An especially designed tripod acivated by his muscular force allows the image to be recorded in one and the same dkoumentalny. Konstrukcje ilmowe Marlena Kudlicka prezentuje na wystawie cztery konstrukcje wykonane w roku w ramach projektu made of iron and celluloid.

Doktor Żywago (film)

Vladimir Tatlin creaing sculptures and counter-reliefs, the authors of numerous spaial structures and experiments in photography and graphic arts, such as Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky, the poeical revoluionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, as well as Dziga Vertov — the creator of new documentary and propaganda cinema.

In collaboraion with Tadeusz Junak and Ryszard Meissner, Robakowski employed the technique of condensing real-ime through the mechanical means of the ilm medium. Soon enough, he abandoned his studies and by the spring of he started work at the Moscow Cin- ema Commitee, becoming a correspondent for Kino-Week, and a few years later, the Kino-Pravda journals.

Thus, Vertov inally ideniied his own gaze with that of the machine.

Podczas gdy konstruktywistyczne pla- katy z lat Vertov did not ight during WWI; in he was sill studying law in Moscow, and later psycho-neurology in Petrograd currently, St. Similarly, for Polish arists working with the WFF, the most important element was not the powstabie, but rather the resuling ilm and its intrinsic structural values. Klusz- Londonp.

Z jego kinem eksperymentuje m. In post-Soviet Russia, agitprop trains reached even the farthest corners of the country.