Wondering what’s going to happen next! The 2nd player is then asked to identify the song based on the notes that the first player manages to hit at the right time. I suppose I can get used to the bad acting. I thought it was strange at first that Aoi told Sawamura that his confession to killing that boy was a ridiculous story Raw 1 Raw 2 Subbed Name: Mini games have preset benchmarks that teams must meet in order to win coins. If the dart hits the board, the board will stop and the contestant will win the prize shown. The players then ride another platform to the second island in the same way as the first, where they take turns driving golf balls at a target; when a golf ball hits the target, the course is complete.

A question appears on a screen, and two players type in the answer on a giant keyboard of katakana characters. Member feedback about Tokyo Friend Park 2: Maruyama Ryuhei 3 Kanjani8: If you milk it too much, it will just get old and fad away. As with most Japanese game shows, the contestants usually entail people who are already celebrities in Japan such as singers, comedians, models idols , actors, etc. I’m really liking this drama! The player has 60 seconds to hit all 10 targets to win a coin, and the team has a total of 3 attempts.

The team has 8 attempts, and 3 successful trials wins them a coin. So Lnu shall watch them and do them again. D I’ve been looking looking for that DBSK episode for a while grab that one and once again thanks for sharing: Murakami Shingo 2 Kanjani8: I would have had a hard time finding these by myself!


Member feedback about Tokyo Friend Park 2: For each mini-game, the team has 30 seconds to complete its respective goal; to win the coin, the team must complete 3 out of 5, 4 out of 6, or 5 out of 7 or 8. Oh but I feel honoured that your mental image of myself is so This comment has been removed by the author. I would definitely recommend watching it if you like the cast and want to laugh – they have so much trouble clearing the obstacles and it’s really funny a great watch!

Thanks for gathering these all into one place: A coin is awarded to the team if they accumulate a preset number of points the formula is 50 points per player, minus 15 for each woman on the teamwith a minimum of points for a team of men, or for a team of women ; each player is permitted one attempt, however, a team is given at least 4 attempts, so that if a team of 3 contestants plays the game, one jumps twice, and if a team of 2 contestants plays, each contestant jumps twice.

Chinen Yuri 2 HSJ: Member feedback about Kuranosuke Sasaki: Member feedback about Sea Kumada: It is said when the demon meets the God, a fatal battle begins.

Posted August 14, And I don’t think I want to trust Kumikari’s father either, he seems suspicious.

Bump On The Asphalt: [TV] Hana Yori Dango Final @ Tokyo Friend Park

Prizes range from a high variety of electronics to a Land Rover. It is then his job to jump off the ledge in such a way that he will land on the ground below precisely when the track lights reach his platform. I was not expecting that, I thought she was only going to be injured TFP2 is awesome like that.


Member feedback about Imu actress: Nino in that “One Love” PV Her first single, “Jupiter”, was released in Japan in Decemberand went on to be one of the biggest selling singles of I thought it was strange at first that Aoi told Sawamura that his confession to killing that boy was a ridiculous story Member feedback about Mariko Okubo: But there’s a Ryuusei one?

Oethros him wanting Aoi to kill the alcoholic person In this game, 2 players compete.

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Weekly Playboy News in Japanese. Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai movie Date: It’s good to know that there are many other TFP2 lovers like me. It actually has download links for both the Mpg and Avi video formats. And her mother is dead now? I dont think he wanted to make caos, I think what he wanted was to stop being used by individuales.

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