You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is finally confirmed that there was nothing more then a mother-son relationship between Wali and MahG. First, I thought may be Q will kill BS after that. Wohi hoga jo hote aa raha hai.. How is she useless? Patties shami kebab, biryani, kheer, chicken pie aur abb zarda!! I liked this episode.

Lol but i thought ur reviews were still coherent.. He has no idea what is he getting himself into. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I think, for any positive change to happen, in Numm world, BS also also has to die. Why did he not take the fauj BS is always surrounded with? That choppiness of timeline and the emotional development of characters was one of the problems with Numm….

I thought I would state that as my comment might have made it seem as acceptable or expected — I vehemently oppose such violence. What was the relationship between W and MJ. Was W ever really in love with N or was the sudden burst of emotion in this episode a compromise.

If he lived he could transcend the goodness to his off spring. Her loneliness, her love for her husband, her longing and her acceptance in some unsaid way that he is not hers alone. In ascending order Like Like. Now is is only why… Why such a sheer waste of such talented actors? I liked this episode. Gun-handling pe bhi aik award category honi chahye next week. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Honestly, the only reason I lasted this long was completely because of the relationship between Wali and Mahjabeen.

Is it only me or anyone else also feels that the story is just being wound up at warp speed.

Numm Episode 17 – Mysteries Revealed *Yawn*

But I was reading your review often before I watched the epiand like usual your reviews almost always affirmed what I took away from the episode. Ummm so why does Neelum blames Mehjabeen for her fathers death a few or many episodes ago?


And e;isode lame was the killings.

Liked all the W-MJ scenes. I thought Q was really good too. Too much weight of the unrelated and nowhere relevant scenes made me feel impatient for letting the beauty get lost. SZ thank you for writing this review Thank God Numm-b is ending. I have never enjoyed myself more than I have on this forum discussing and dissecting scene after scene and expression after expression. The screenplay and momentum could have been better.

I do appreciate the flawless acting of some of the actors and I do agree the story was engaging but …………. I am glad we will not have to bear with 20 plus episodes of this play. Also, the manner in which the mysteries regarding the past were dragged till now did not help either. As for all the skills we needed to qualify to watch numm. Hia line mari hai!! Chalo lets hope ke hamari itni mehnat ke badle mein team numm hamein sarey answers faraham kar hi dein!!

Abb thinking audience uss spark ko dekh ke khud hi age peeche kahani imagine karr le lolol Gun-handling pe bhi aik award category honi chahye next week.

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And yes, as FA says, sometimes sugar cane is also used in place of bamboo sticks. SZ good review and how different takes we have even before the last episode! After all it was her game first! About US Submit a review.

Mumkin hai woh apne hi-tech gadgety phone se james bond banne ki koshish kar rahi ho phir se.

She became vani as a payback to her brother who instigated the killings and like she said made so many pay for their actions.


Do episodf remember that Dabangg song scene where W is smoking and MJ is all nervy getting the tea-tray ready? Wali sat there frozen with absolutely no reaction after Qasim walks away and Qasim handed over the gun to mommy like he was a little kid playing with a toy gun which he was not allowed to touch! I dont remember a pic, but I do remember a quick shot in the promos or OST I think where they showed a man just his legs walking amongst dead leaves … If somebody remembers the exact promo please do help … Like Like.

No wonder Neelam and Minahil are crazy, un ka qasoor hi nahin hai!

Chalo ji tum ne to saari baat ek jumley mein hi lapait dali. Bari lambi umar hai! Then what will be the message from the serial. Of course the conversation had to happen over the phone. The fazooliat got unbearable at times. I lost my comment when I was typing 2 days ago!

Feeling somewhat senti I decided ke chalo second last episode hai, lets just go epsiode the flow and not question anything … ab jaaney waley musafir se kiya gila ….

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It resembles a very large axe, although it is used in a different manner. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Has some engaging type mawad. Has anyone explored the idea that they are wearing black because Ali Bakhat died? After a seemingly long time we got a relatively cohesive episode. Next week convication hahaha Like Like.