Originality is nothing more than making old things new and taking credit for it. He wanted to show that the Irish of the Gaeltacht is not the best one by asking vocabulary to young native speakers, eg. Turning all of Ireland into a Gaeltacht is a utopia which is not acheivable; the critical mass of fluent speakers is no longer there. That all said, I think the way people go about preserving Irish is wrong. So one cannot deny their importance. Later in Galway, he tries his hand at busking and, singing the filthiest, most debauched lyrics he can think of to see if anyone will understand, old ladies smile and tap their feet merrily as he serenades them with filth. He says that he did not choose to speak the language, that it was forced on him. What they need to do is use one of the TG4 weather girls.

Speaking it requires a different kind of training. The best analogy is Swedish in Finland. I honestly feel this is what he was trying to do. He was a passionate Irish speaker going out and asking people “Seriously, what’s going on here, are we just fooling ourselves? This is also because a lot of that debate is in Irish. Why have most Irish people abandoned the language?

February 24, at 7: Antaine, Eisode don’t think anybody has the reestablishment of Irish as a vernacular in all of Ireland as their goal anymore. Then try the English version. The programme would have been better with someone with better Irish presenting it. By singing bawdy lyrics on the street like a busker.


I am willing to accept this, however, I have been to Ireland during the summer for the last five years, and it’s the hearla thing every year. The fact that you are obcessed with Perfect Grammar, That is your problem not mine.

However, the killer of all this is that people keep saying that they love these programmes because they can follow the Irish. I’m now in programme 2! ONE guy has beara idea, creates a language which today claims 2 million speakers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yes it is true that he might be the type of person to make people feel like saying “Then why bother. My attitude just hurts conceited people like you. But I suspect it will be OK if they include stuff like that hypnosis ebarla they mentioned in the article.

Antaine, with regard to your original question, have you asked TG4? Beatha duine a thoil – it’s a free world.

So one cannot deny their importance. I sometimes think, however, that there is an element of genuine bitterness – maybe of the “jilted lover” or “embittered idealist” type – lurking, angry and vulnerable, behind the episodd mask. That way he hopes to attract more viewers and subsequently more revenue from advertisers.

Seems like the first show was about saying “Hey!

Why I Hate “No Béarla”

Never having been to Ireland myself, I have to take the footage at face value and accept it as the truth. His ‘survey’ can’t be taken seriously as it is purely done for entertainment. And it’s certainly no reason to want to get rid of it.


It’s also possible that I’ll find a winning lottery ticket while walking to my car tonight – I’m not basing my retirement on it. I have had a look at his website, as well. Both are now being addressed.

The Daltaí Boards: No Béarla 2

Because it opens the door to getting rid of people who “never speak,” “didn’t reply,” and “only speak in an educational system. To see how to make it fun, take a look at the music videos from TG Lurgan, a summer school for kids who are interested in the language.

So the title of the programme mocks itself by actually containing some English. In English, yes, but they respond in a way which indicates they understand it, their responses appropriate to the question.

Later that night, he calls a phone sex line but the operator hangs up, not understanding him. Na Seoige, agus rl.

The Daltaí Boards: No Béarla

The second major flaw is that the frequencies of usage are not very specific! That all said, I think the way people go about preserving Irish is wrong. If he episkde to English-language broadcasting now, he’d have a flurry of publicity about that, and then he’d slide quietly off into oblivion.

Do the same in Eire.