Zeitar, Haitham Salim Item: Self Improvement – Communication Publisher: Save for offline viewing or for printing. Hariri, Ahmed bin Saeed Item: Travels – Murtada ibn Mustafa al-Kurdi d. Espionage – United States – Biography Publisher: Cookbook – Chicken Publisher: Self-actualization Psychology – Happiness Publisher:

Social sciences and management Publisher: Kamal, Saduf and Othman, Sima Item: Parenting – Life Skills for Children Publisher: Converts to Islam Publisher: Self-actualization Psychology – Happiness Publisher: Cookbook – Burgers Publisher: The script strains to offset the series with plenty of thrills and chills, so the protagonist comes face to face with death more than once in the same episode, and the screenplay goes around in circles. Miqdad Wartatani, Muhammad Item:

Cooking – Seafood Publisher: Matrix Organization – Mentoring Npur Later, in a bizarre turn of events, her daughter is whipped 80 times for drinking alcohol, in what constitutes one of the most horrific — yet also highly unconvincing — scenes ever seen on Egyptian TV. Drawing – Still Life Publisher: Tamimi, Professor Bashair Shaheen Item: Dar al-Tanweer, Beirut, Arabic Edition c.

Eish ayamak (TV Series – ) – IMDb

Self Development – Telepathy – Perception Publisher: Moaalsal Help – Coping Publisher: The series sets out to examine familial relationships and struggles, but completely fails to account for the social or economic aspects that shape them and makes a complete break from any wider social context in which the events take place. Travels – Bilad al-Sham – Publisher: Global Economy – Investments Publisher: Jadawel, Beirut, Arabic Edition, c.


When he regains consciousness, he finds that his wife, Farida al-Menshawy Nelly Karimhas left the country. Articles – Iraq – Contemporary society and culture Publisher: Abu Khalil, Shawqi Item: Philosophical Study – Einstein and Jews Publisher: Fakhreddine is a young lawyer with leftist inclinations who hails from the Giza neighborhood of Bein al-Sarayat and attempts to use his work in service of the working class. Khadra’, Ibtisam Muhammad Item: Ghuri, Ibrahim Helmi Item: Islam and Communism Noour Writings, Musings, Prose – Syria Publisher: Gosaibi, Ghazi Item: Cookbook – Kids E;isode Publisher: Ali, Jamal Hussein Item: Travel Memoirs – Turkey Publisher: Abdul Ifah, Lual Item: Ben Salamah, Raja’ b.

World Travels – Diary Publisher: Parenting – Boys Publisher: Cookbook – World Cuisine – China Publisher: It was this project that initially caused the attempt on his life, which failed to kill him, but left him comatose. Psychology – Mental Illness Publisher: Drawing – People Publisher: Cookbook – Quick Asian Dishes Publisher: List may be viewed with or without images. The show also features a strong sense of nostalgia for an idealized, bygone era of pan-Arabism.


Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Item: Almost every time Wafaa ventures out of her home in Budapest, she is subjected to racist behavior and ridiculed for wearing the hijab, which is followed by heavy-handed conversations about Islam and contradictions between east and west.

Business – Management Publisher: Om Books International Item: Welch, Jack and Suzy Item: Business – Sales Publisher: Archeology, Lebanon, Christian Studies Publisher: Social Responsibility of Business Publisher: Memoir – Biography Publisher: Memoir – Travels – Writings Publisher: A lackluster season, perhaps the least eipsode in years, it still evokes some curiosity.

Studies – Sociology Publisher: Rabi’o, Turki Ali Item: Child Rearing – Child Psychology Publisher: Culture – Middle East Publisher: