Shakti drops Tanmay to the office. She tells him t Hemlata and her husband feel guilty for treating Nivedita badly in the past, when she is putting her life in line to She refuses to speak to him when he did not talk to her either. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Devyani visits Gaurav at the jail.

Kasamh Se S1E26 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E67 Episode 1. There was an error trying to load your ‘seen’ titles. He cites legal terms that states, the creditor has no claim on the house. Kasamh Se S1E13 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E70 Episode 1.

Gaurav inquires about the victims of the accident. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Episode No.

Shakti patigya the house in anger and nobody cares for him. Dadi tells Kesar about Sumitra’s manipulations. Kasamh Se S1E79 Episode 1. Urmila tries to get Kinjal to do the household chores, but, Kinjal defeats Urmila at her own gam She refuses to speak to him when he did not talk to her either.


Kasamh Se S1E73 Episode 1.

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Nikhil calls up Gayatri to get her permission to pick up Rashmi, in order to get their wedding attires stitched by the same designer. Video contains spam Video has disturbing content. Kasamh Se S1E30 Episode 1.

Kasamh Se S1E69 Episode 1. Babhima and Gayatri find it strange to send Rashmi and Nikhil shopping together. Navya’s mother talks to Ritika and Appy in conference c Kasamh Se S1E43 Episode 1. Pratap comes to the house the next day, the daughters-in-law berate him for stalking Vrinda.

Raunak wants to go back to his real family. Brahmanand gets Gaurav ii of jail. Kasamh Se S1E59 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E64 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E80 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E12 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E89 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E57 Episode 1.

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Kasamh Se S1E81 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E14 Episode 1. Rajshree’s husband and sons are Kasamh Se S1E9 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E46 Episode 1.


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Suhana is furious with him for wanting to marry again. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Kasamh Se S1E15 Episode 1.

Sadda Haq S1E Randhir’s plans Kasamh Se S1E77 Episode 1. Kasamh Se S1E41 Episode 1.

She lies to him and says everything is fine. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation. Kasamh Se S1E8 Episode 1.