A cat puppet was understandably used for most of Jinxers scenes. The disgusting parts were actually much less than in the Scary Movie series. No, no it isn’t. Why is it that we have to suffer through movies that are this bad? Well done you’re doing superb! Good evening ladies and gentlemen! If so, it missed by several yards to the south.

Sophie Monk was the only decent actor and put on the American accent well in her first movie role despite being cast as eye candy for the male audience. By the time the movie started, there were only three other groups of people, which surprised us. There was nothing original. Stuffed cats were obviously used for the flying cats. It was entertaining, and that is what it should be seen as. My vote is four. Watching paint dry would be a more cultural experience. To its credit, this film does have some key elements that most audiences enjoy in a movie.

I’m not sure how a movie so god-awful can make it to screen, but my faith in the system has been shaken. I’m going for it! Jincers I’m not this prude, but this movie made me worry about our generation. Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Well, the fact that basically, a lot of the parodies were just word for word retellings of some of the movies. I am a sucker for the parody genre. How many comedies have taken Best Picture at the Oscars?

Even if you see it with little or no expectations you will be disappointed. RogerBorg 25 February I feel they must have added in Sophie Monk and Carmen Electra not because of their amazing acting talent, but because they felt the humor was so poor they needed to wake people up from this painfully dumb movie. It took our minds off of Monday.

The film also contains tons of gross out humor, with a man coughing up a hairball, a woman with a hairy back, and a cat humping a corpse. Jixners 27 December The scenes just made no sense when you watch them all as one movie, they even had movie spoofs of films that came out literally like 6 months ago.


For too long have felines been forced to live in the shadow of their canine cousins.

It was full of disgusting jokes, and not just in a sexual way. Even more so is jinxdrs opening sequence when Alyson Hannigan is dancing through the street in a fat-suit. This film is stupid, but not stupid in a funny hinxers. I think Hannigan has proved herself to be a charming actress, not without talent. This film is not as bad as people are making it out to be. Judah Friedlander plays Nicky, a fat slob covered from head to toe in grease stains who states one of the most disgusting lines of the film, “When I think about the honeymoon my sac gets all tingly and s–t.

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I think they tried so hard for going over the top that the jokes turn out disgusting, offensive, gratuitous, and just plain not funny.

Nearly moviee sequence with “Jinxers”, the Jones family cat, are horrid and disgusting. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Man, all that sounds hilarious! And I like parodies. These two men are in fact directing their debut effort. I guess you should know that a movie is really bad when it’s not screened for critics and the trailer tries to sell you a movie by saying “from 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie” but there is always that small part of me that says it can’t be as bad as it looks but in this case it’s worse than it looks.

Anyway you can get out of this movie is truly a blessing. How can I possibly lose? This won’t be a long review, as this movie doesn’t warrant much more than a warning not to waste your money on it.

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At least she didn’t have to pay to see the movie. This movie is an unrequited masterpiece and I am appalled that this ever shallow world of low brows and Daniel Day Lewises more people are unable to recognise such fine artistry.


I heard warnings from friends, critics, and fellow movie buffs, but like an idiot I watched it anyway. Don’t let my efforts be in vain.

I hope these actors will moovie better choices for roles in the future. Well, she’s in it, and she makes the most of a thoroughly unchallenging role, but unless you’re a total completist, that shouldn’t be enough of a reason to waste even 80 minutes of your life on this appalling waste of talent.

In all I counted about 4 scenes which made me laugh, I won’t spoil them for you so that if you do happen to get dragged to this flick you will have some comic relief. Right now let’s move onto the tough ones.

I saw all the movies they parodied, and still. OK, You understand the rules of the game? Don’t watch this movke.

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Let’s just mention he doesn’t restrain from gerentophilia and necrophilia. It was comical for the first thirty seconds, but after that you start to impatiently wonder when this scene is going to end. I understand that it can be hard to write good comedy, but at least put forth an effort.

The fact that this movie was allowed to advance past the “script writing” stage is beyond me. I am surprised it only received one Razzie. This movie contained zero laughs, none of the spoofs were even remotely funny. To its credit, this film does have some key elements that most audiences enjoy in a movie. By ten minutes into the movie, we were no longer surprised.