Retrieved from ” https: LMS Spring Season. My sona stats display how much of a joke her “rework” is. What was everyone’s opinion on Nexus Blitz as a whole? CK Spring Season. All-Star Los Angeles. LLA Opening Season.

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Jin Air Green Wings. She’s a champion I really enjoy playing and always do well with in norms, but when I play her in ranked it just never goes well.

What was everyone’s opinion on Nexus Blitz as a whole?

Try this build only when you are still learning the champion or you are too behind to worth more than a punch bag. Kayzr League Spring Split. Backseat shot calling Supports are the worst type of players.

More topics from this board LCK Spring Season. Hitpoint Masters Season DCL Season 4 Playoffs. FearlessS joins as head coach. Kleptomancy With this rune you give up some earlygame power for faster item powerspikes. Considering this was before the rework, I don’t know why I don’t play her more Warriorwick Max CDR, lot of damage.


Warrior and Bloodrazor are damage options, but the last is more of a situational item. Do not promote the use of bug exploits and cheats includes boosting services, scripting, hacks, or disallowed third-party services. LDL Spring Season.

RoX and Vega Squadron receive warnings for alleged discrimination and lack of competitive integrity respectively. Restrict News to Region Glossary.

Professor Akali – Summoner Stats – League of Legends

Limpix joins as head coach. That’s one alternate build. UPL Winter Season. TCL Winter Season. OPL Split 1. Submit a new link. CK Spring Season. LCL Open Cup We will not tolerate hateful jimx or any harmful actions targeted at a certain user or group. It can be very random at times, but you gain insane gold generation. Sadly, my Ahri stats are abysmal 3 wins in 13 games.

Edgemaster Edgemaster 3 years ago 2 My sona stats display how much of a joke her “rework” is. He’s really out lolkkng meta now. BPL Season 2 Playoffs.


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LEC Spring Season. Classic Bruiserwick A bit expensive for, but it’s power spike makes it worth for the wait time while you are moderately tanky. MSI Main Event.

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