I’m in complete control of my destiny, December 22 will be WAR. Whyte lands a big right but Chisora shakes it off. On and on he comes, like a mighty bear, but his shots are ragged. Book it online here. David Haye is guiding Chisora’s career after becoming his new manager. I think that he needs to really have a good think about taking this fight, because he’s going to be heading home after it looking like he’s been run over by a truck. Whyte is probably just ahead for the neutral.

Whyte is the slight favourite. So here we go again. He also has David Haye in his corner, and harbours a real sense of injustice from the first fight with Whyte. He is finally finding his target on a regular basis but Edwards stays strong and knocks the champion out of his stride with a flurry of punches. Because Whyte v Chisora is up next. We may get a bit of Warrington v Frampton first though, which would be a bonus. Ring walks are expected at around 10pm. This is not a good round for him, but he ends it by landing a massive right.

Adam Smith, head of Sky Sports Boxingsaid: Chisora talks Whyte, Haye, Wilder and Fury. I’m in the gym every day pushing my body to its limit. Book it online here. Whyte is in blue shorts, Chisora in grey; and he starts fastest.

This fight is very even. Frampton needs to step it up to take the title. Follow the Whyte-Chisora 2 live blog.

He was too hahe, too strong. Tonight the two Londoners take their rivalry back to their home city with Chisora looking leaner and meaner than ever before. He’s at the end of the road. Ten rounds gone in Manchester and Warrington looks strong. Hearn takes the mic and is booed by the crowd. That left from Whyte really was something special. He won the first fight by the narrowest of margins, and has promised a much more commanding win tonight.


Rob Bleaney Chisofa 22 Dec Will Whyte become more aggressive? We may get a bit of Warrington v Frampton first though, which would be a bonus.

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Dereck Chisora is a British professional heavyweight boxer but he was actually born in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, in A flurry of punches ends with a mighty left haaye from Whyte and Chisora hits the floor. Since losing to Whyte in DecemberChisora slumped to a disappointing defeat to Agit Kabayel but then produced a career-best knockout against Carlos Takam.

Whyte has since moved to within touching distance of a world title fight following four more victories, including impressive wins over former world champions Lucas Browne and Joseph Chidora.

This article is over 2 months old. Three rounds gone in Manchester and Warrington is on top, pressurising Frampton. The crowd serenade him.

Onlind will be WAR. His opponent, though, has moved up a few levels in the heavyweight boxing pecking order since then and is now looking to rule the world one day.

Dillian Whyte knocks out Derek Chisora in 11th round – as it happened | Sport | The Guardian

Whyte rides it well though, and keeps firing off the jab. But ‘The Body Snatcher’ wants to finally end his feud with Chisora, who set the scene for a second battle with a sensational knockout of Carlos Takam on the Whyte-Parker bill in July.

Whyte is hurt but recovers. Chisora is warned for the use of the head as he struggles for air. For two years he has wanted to settle the score with Dillian, and finally he has the opportunity to do this. Chisora has another point taken off, this time for an elbow.


Hearn gets booed again. I am going to take him out. So crazy it might work. The referee steps between the fighters as they trade blows after the bell. He kept on making the same mistake, bobbing and weaving. David Haye has teamed up to manage Dereck Chisora Image: Josh proved what he is. He is finally finding his target on a regular basis but Edwards stays strong and knocks the champion out of his stride with a flurry of punches.

Whyte comes bouncing out of his corner but Chsiora unloads a couple of big punches. The scores are, Del Boy takes swipe at Eddie Hearn in presser gag.

Dereck Chisora

He looks so determined, like he will not be denied. Whyte continues to bide his time and then similes briefly after landing a good body shot. Dillian Whyte is in the building. Both Londoners will be keen to have the final word in a long-running dispute, with the winner staying firmly in world title contention, while the loser’s career will be dealt a huge setback.

Whyte gets booed when his name is announced. Whyte comes on strong again, and then Chisora does have a point deducted for onoine low blow. Whyte has won in stunning style.