Your questions, other people’s answers and my answers to your question, plus the keen eye of the Beanies, that is how I grow as a drama addict. Bojana had spotted everything that I want to say, but I still want to emphasize it. It looks like they are two different persons. You guys are killing meeeeee! And then she watched him not watching her, realised why, and smiled. Ivoire May 28, at 4: Thank you for the laughs guys! Kangchi will cry again..

Then he goes and badly hurts the Monk, who was supposed to be his best friend, and tells him that he wants to destroy everything that is related to SH, which includes his son. Thank you so much for the recap, I watched it yesterday night but don’t know what they are talking about. Or maybe that the actress now playing the supposedly Seo Hwa, has a japanese feature that will tell she’s from Japan and live there. They also never heard that there was a second mythical being in the mountains killing people because Kang-chi thought it would cause too much panic. That was a very busy week. It would make sense. KC definitely knows YW is his human-amulet-bracelet. Soo-ryun arrives with her gisaengs in tow and exchanges a furtive glance with Tae-seo.

Now I so f. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! I feel that one can have a conscience and not be a prideful person, just like one can be a proud person, and not necessarily have a conscience.

Was it just me, or did anyone else feel like Susy is actually I was thinking the same thing. GW is too smart to fall for Kangchi’s trick forever, but it did put out the fire and kill the rumors which is good enough to save LSS and himself for now.

If a drama is going to be extended, what benchmarks will cause them to start considering extension and at what point do they make their final decision? Omo, your dad used that move.


Thank you for the laughs guys! Plus it was a cameo.

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Every time she end up tied up, I was screaming and laughing The cute bores me, so now with the whole Chung Jo revenge arc tanked I will have to concentrate on Wol Ryung’s possible redemption. Or maybe that the actress now playing the supposedly Seo Hwa, has a japanese feature that will tell she’s from Japan and live there.

Bojana had spotted everything that I want to say, but I still want to emphasize it. I thought it was Seo Hwa’s betrayal that was the cause of Wol Ryung’s death? Wol-ryung warns him to give up living as human, or else everyone around him will die. If I remember correctly it is because Master Dam is a special human who has the ability to harm a gumiho.

Bojana May 28, at It’s a little bit unclear if he really died or not. The monk tried to warn Wol-Ryung and look how much that helped Pearl May 28, at How many other people appear in your library to brood booo in the dark? There is bu a dramatic emphasis on the removal of the bracelet that it made me wonder, ‘Wait a minute Aw, he passed the test and gets to stay. I want to be SUZY!!! Choi Jin Hyuk is really selling this role.

Just adding my two pence or beans? But then with this actor’s performance in this drama, it can be hard to tell.

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Michelle May 29, at 6: Ivoire June 3, at Lee Yeon Hee Supporting Cast. KC figuring out a new power of his was also quite cool, and the fact that he knows that when he is around YW, he doesn’t need to wear the bracelet. I think that as well. I also like that Wol-Ryung appears to care for Kang Chi and that he is not yet “completely” a demon, On the “KC being misunderstood” in the school, I’d just like to put my two cents in — wasn’t the student that started liking Kang-chi after the forest incident the same one that was later found dead?


The reason being that SH didn’t actually reject him fully, I mean remember, she rejected him when he got struck but she repented when her son was born. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here See you in the next recaps: Song Young Kyu Supporting Cast.

It’s either stunt casting I guess Yoon Se-ah is pretty famous?

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They stand outside glaring at each other, and then suddenly Yeo-wool breaks into a huge grin: Thank you so much for your comments Pearl, they are always appreciated. However, KC foiled his plan again. Do we forget that this is the same writer for The Baker King? Three Hats for me asked about conscience or pride.

Now fami,y as if CJ is invisible to him even though she’s the only one with a lamp shade vamily her head in the crowd.

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